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How Can You Jump Start Innovation?

To thrive in 2015 and beyond the name of the business game is innovation. But that is a business game that requires more than a new marketing label or adding a new feature to an old product. It requires creating new things and doing things differently. Finding new things can be difficult if not impossible […] Read More


As said, illustrated, data supported and told by some of the top performing companies worldwide, results are merely the outputs of everyone value contributions


Foolish Things Business People Do

I have made some foolish business decisions in the past and each time I make sure the lesson is implanted in my brain for recall when I wander again towards foolishness.  Foolishness is the opposite of wisdom and the only thing that sustains a business is the wisdom to know not to make foolish decisions. […] Read More


HBR’s Makeover Needs a Makeover

Last month Harvard Business Review (HBR) announced they would be releasing a new makeover of the HBR web site. Last week the makeover was revealed and purely from a user’s perspective (is there any other perspective?) the new makeover needs a new makeover. I visit HBR every day (or used to) and in particular the […] Read More


The Chasm Of Management Practices

There is a management chasm emerging that left unchecked could destroy your organizations future. A chasm is a marked division, separation, or difference between one point and another. In the field of management practices the points are past practices vs. future practices. Being stuck in the chasm means you are not going anywhere but down […] Read More


Companies have failed at executing strategies 70% of the time. Two decades ago, 70 percent of McKinsey’s revenues came from strategy and corporate finance but most now flow from hands-on work in risk, operations and marketing and less from strategic thinking. So strategic execution fails most of the time and the demand for strategy development […] Read More


Learning What We Didn’t Know

We are taught to know what we are told we need to know. The historical methods of learning have taught us what others think we need to know.  What we don't know is then up to us to learn. Before the internet we learned from institutions, friends, family and co-workers.  Learning was a process largely […] Read More

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Rising Female Leaders in Nashville: Part 1

For the last six months I 've studied the rising influence of women on business.  Besides researching the trends I have talked with many women whose rising influence is helping change markets locally and globally.  Subsequently I've decided to write a series of post sharing my findings and some of the rising local female leaders. Lets start with […] Read More