A Video Intro to OpenSocial From Google

by Jay Deragon on 11/02/2007

From Marc Andreessen’s blog

Last night, a small group of entrepreneurs, technologists, executives, bloggers, press, and professional campfire tenders gathered in Mountain View below the official Google tyrannosaurus rex and formally launched Open Social into the world.As I write this, Google is about half an hour away from officially putting the Open Social spec and code on the Internet for general consumption. At that same time, the video from the launch event should be going live. Keep hitting this currently nonworking link until you get satisfaction! [Correction — the official site is up at that location! Also, here’s the video of the launch event with all the demos.

 What say you?


Joel November 9, 2007 at 9:33 am

OpenSocial offers a way to interconnect social networking platforms and share applications across those plaforms. Interestingly enough, this will likely spur the centralization of user preferences for shared applications found inside social network sites — who wants to re-enter their movie or music preferences every time they join a different social network? Why can’t I just enter my witty thoughts one time and have them propagate to all my sites simultaneously?

I expect that if applications are centralized, then user information will be too, at some point. Will social network solutions be willing to pull from a centralized profile (probably stored somewhere within the Google machine)? I think they will. Think about the storage space reductions if all a social site has to do is provide a shell in which to display centralized information. This will reduce not only personal information storage requirements but it will also reduce the number of times a picture or document has to be uploaded — the user could just point to a central storage location (actually the social website should already know this location, if it’s truly integrated) and have the item properly rendered.

My last observation on this is that I wonder just how many social networks a person can be really interested in. It’s one thing to join a community — it quite another to build a presence there and provide some type of value that others will flock to. Will users eventually experience “Web 2.much”?


mp November 3, 2007 at 2:05 am

In the first opening minutes the one true thing this man says is this to paraphrase him,”…this is good for Google.”

Now I don’t know where they found this idiot speaker, but I presume he is geek, and therefore not well read and totally not up for the challenge of public speaking. My god this guy just blew the stock price of Google and if anyone catches what he said and what was not said,” that this is good for YOU!!!”__my quote, then you will start to see that we are all just pawns for the capitalist machine of a company that does not create any tangible assets to sell to consumers to make their lives better.

I think your kids deserve better parents; and the kids already know how to use the Net and that is to have fun talking to their friends. If you adults think your going to make money than go and ask you child if that is why they use the Net and I am pretty sure you will get a funny look.

The whole thing about technology and propaganda is the promise of a Utopian world at the expense of YOU and I. These massive companies are being fed millions of dollars by US because of the perception by all of us that we can make money on the net.

The truth is you will never make any money on the Net nor will you live longer as well because most likely you will die an early death like my friends who couldn’t give up the 100+ hours a week they were putting into their world because they believed in the promise of wealth. But cleverly Google has made use of Ad Sense for example to suck you in and they brain wash you with tons of new and exciting technology to keep your interest level up. But at the end of the day the kids go to bed having had fun on the Net and you didn’t even notice they and your wife went to bed.

What say you????

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