Get Your Business Ready for OpenSocial

by Jay Deragon on 11/02/2007

Get Ready for OpenSocialThe social networking space is about to take a significant turn.  Google’s release of OpenSocial with network partners such as Linkedin and many others. On the Linkedin blog this morning it reads:

At LinkedIn, we’ll support business applications that fit our focus on great business applications for professionals. Got a great idea for a business application you think LinkedIn users will gain from? Open Social is a way to get it into LinkedIn and any other compatible platform you want to target. We’ll follow up with a blog posting detailing our approach and how to get involved.

LinkedIn signed up for this vision because we believe that the web architecture rewards open models. They are good for end users, good for developers, and thus good for LinkedIn.

I had the chance yesterday to spend quite a bit of time with the partners who are launching Open Social later this week – Max Levchin & Keith Rabois from Slide, Marc Andreessen from Ning, Joe Kraus from Google, Ali Partovi from iLike, Ramu Yalimanchi & Akash Garg from Hi5.  It was great to see this much energy around a new open standard for social applications.

If you have yet to complete your business profile then please do by going to

Soon we will be incorporating all in one e-commerce engine for everyone to use.  For know you can simply add the code for your own PayPal or other ecommerce engines within each product or service profiled.

Last but not least, if you have suppliers or friends in businesses we ask you to spread the word about Business 3.0 so they too can get in early on the new order of things to come with developments such as described above.

Our World is changing fast, so fast that if you blink you might miss a significant shift.  The OpenSocial initiative fuels your reach to over 500 million people participating in the medium of social networks.  Get your business in front of this audience today.

What say you?


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Michael Pokocky November 2, 2007 at 11:43 am

Jay you finished off with,”Get your business in front of this audience today.” I agree with your suggestion, but I want to add that although I have no idea where all of this is leading to, I do know this: The more established your BRAND is the better off you’ll be.

I want to really emphasize this so that expectations are realistic and people can prepare themselves better for this emerging new interface architecture that will connect us all together much more seamlessly.

Jann Wenner the founder of Rolling Stone commented on the internet in an interview with Jon Fine of BusinessWeek and it gives an insight into where we should be putting our energy. I suggest reading the whole interview because one learns from someone who is at the top of their game and who also owns one of the top brands in the world:

“The Internet . . . I don’t know that it’s primarily a medium, in the sense that it’s primarily a transactional service and media delivery system. My formulation is this: Rolling Stone represents a really good idea of a brand, concept, whatever you want to call it. Community, any one of those buzzwords. You can integrate the Internet into your brand, if you do it correctly, and you can broaden the depth of the experience. That’s what you can bring to peoples’ lives, beyond what’s on the printed page–if you do it correctly.” *

* Fine, Jon . “An In-Depth Interview With Jann Wenner.” November 02, 2007. Fine On Media. November 02, 2007

What is important is Jann’s idea that the internet is,”primarily a medium, in the sense that it’s primarily a transactional service and media delivery system.” He speaks of the power of,”brand, concept, whatever you want to call it” and points out,”You can integrate the Internet into your brand, if you do it correctly, and you can broaden the depth of the experience,” and I think the operative word here is “correctly.”

So while Google has opened the door individuals and businesses have to focus not on the technology, but rather on how they are going to present their best profile and create a long lasting brand image that people will trust and value. If you are not a Rolling Stone Magazine or a well known name like Bill Gates, then it is essential that the central focus should be on brand and not on technology. Getting caught up in the tech when you are not a tech person is going to get you into trouble. Focusing on your brand and making it as clear and concise as possible will be time well spent. In other words do what you love, do it well, and package it well enough that over time it becomes an Authentic Brand.

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