OpenSocial: Will We Know the Full Story?

by Jay Deragon on 11/03/2007

Will we Know the Full Story?Has the “full story” behind the quick launch of OpenSocial been fully told?

Consider the strategic efforts put forth to get all these other networks into the initial PR without it leaking out early.Consider the response to developers who have already tried to sign up and get going, not very good reviews. So one ask themselves, “Wonder what the real stroy behind the launch of OpenSocial really is?”

Finding the answer can be difficult to say the least. Who do you believe given the chatter everywhere from everyone with an opinion? We can however use the basic facts to draw some assumptions with logic. Lets look at the chain of events as of recently.

Consider the order of 10 things:

  1. Facebook evaluation is discussed throughout media: Google and MS appear to be negotiating stakes in facebook
  2. MS Announces its stake in Facebook
  3. Facebook announces its plan for its own ad service
  4. Google announces OpenSocial after getting buy in from numerous name brand networks
  5. The Developer community is already complaining that OpenSocial isn’t that open
  6. The OpenSocial announcement has brought a flurry of attention to the space by the media,(them and us)
  7. The facts have not all come out yet
  8. MS and Facebook have not yet responded in kind
  9. Opinions are flying all over the place, both good and bad
  10. The basic framework of OpenSocial and the need has now been accelerated to the forefront of the market

These events are only going to accelerate actions and reactions across all communities, markets, players and developers. The combined “noise” will spawn further innovation within the system of “social networking” and we will all be faced with improved choices and an improved system. The BIG will continue to position, try to outdo one another, wall street will react and in the end, which there will never be one, the users will be enabled to use the medium with greater purpose and productivity. However, will users gain economically is the million question yet to be answered with specifics as to “how to”.

The media always has a slant on things, both positive and negative. Sometimes it is hard to find “truths” or the reality of issues amongst all the noise. Remember the movie “The Sting“?

The players created an image, an environment, a message and a medium to draw in the BIG. The BIG came to the game ready to play and they did. What was the reality of the game?

Sometimes everything is not as it first appears but the power of perceptions, created by media, can create false realities aimed at specific purposes of influence for specific gains.

What could be a sting could also be a permanent reality or a temporary one. Which is it?

What say you?

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Michael Pokocky November 5, 2007 at 12:52 pm

Now we do.
GPhone: The Facts are In; Google Launching Open Mobile Platform
“And just like that, Google is at the center of the social networking and mobile universes.”
and, “Much like the plans Google announced last week for OpenSocial to be the platform upon which developers build social networking applications and add-ons, Android looks to be the platform on top of which developers build mobile apps. The company plans to have a software developer kit (SDK) available for Android within “a week or so.”

The game has changed right under our noses and the lesson is stop speculating and start seeing and listening for the truth.


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