Rock You: Perspective About OpenSocial

by Jay Deragon on 11/02/2007

RockYou perspective on OpenSocialAs previously mentioned perspectives and conversation are exploding on the web concerning OpenSocial. Below is an article from Forbes that appeared today.

RockYou is Silicon Valley’s latest Web sensation. It exists solely thanks to the recent rise in social networking sites. RockYou creates frivolous, mini Web applications that exist on social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook. RockYou’s popular Superwall, for instance, lets Facebook folks put graffiti–words, photos, videos–on their “walls,” which are public sites where members post messages. Another, called Zombies, encourages people to “bite” friends. Virtually, of course. No joke.

Since RockYou’s founding two years ago, 90 million social networkers have downloaded its applications. For this, RockYou is making more than $100,000 a month in revenues showing ads alongside its mini-applications for brands like AT&T (nyse: Tnews people ) and Sony (nyse: SNEnews people ), as well as by plugging other developers’ mini-apps (for a fee). The pitch to advertisers: We are where the kids hang out. Yet RockYou doesn’t know much else about its customers. Facebook doesn’t share data about members’ ages, locations, education or anything else it might know.

Jia Shen, the 27-year-old co-founder of RockYou, sat down with recently to talk about how to make money selling snack-size software and what Google’s (nasdaq: GOOGnews people ) new open platform means for Facebook and MySpace. read the entire story here……..

More and more we seeing a balanced perspective on the announcement of OpenSocial. Is it hype, spin for position or a reality that changes your world?

What say you?

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Michael Pokocky November 3, 2007 at 2:16 am

Facebook Abandoning Its Open Platform Applications? go look at this.

What the hell is going on? Is anyone getting the idea that YOU are being royally screwed?

And why are they doing this?

Because they can…….

I rest my case and this is my last comment.

I believe that the novel is not dead. That people will want to hold an object in their hands. That it is in the credo of greed that the whole internet thing is going to implode and everyone is going to have a royal crap.

Today I announce my internet independence and the return to the real world of brick and mortar business and the local cafe and walks in the forests and throwing away my cell phone.

Cheers and be well…….

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