My Place or Yours?

by Jay Deragon on 04/09/2008

My Place or Yours? The Internet has accelerated connections to people and things faster than any other medium in history.

Beginning in 1956 with the Dartmouth Artificial Intelligence conference, technology has improved at an exponential rate. Marshall McLuhan made the idea of an interconnected global village part of our popular culture.

The protocols developed by Robert Kahn, Vinton Cerf, and others quickly became the most widely used network protocol in the world. From the early foundations of the Internet, when few outside of Universities or government facilities had much need to communicate digitally, people throughout the globe are able to reach others across the country, across the oceans, and across the globe.

The Turn of a New Era:

In a relatively short time, social mediums have created and continue to create significant momentum across all segments of the web. When we look at the traffic statistics of traditional web properties, we can see a huge shift in traffic to the social mediums.

Social networks for everything and anything are popping up faster than analysts can track. From pets’ sites to finance sites, all topics, all geography, and most any industry, has or is launching a social network. Consumers are being overloaded with choices, different designs and interfaces, invitations and duplicative connections across multiple networks. In addition, consumers are overloaded with functions, features, and choices. The consumer is getting tired and looking for a “network” to rest on that satisfies most of their needs. However, the attraction to the medium of social networks remains strong across all ages, mediums, and devices. The attraction has only just begun.

The social web, as we know it today, is a mesh of platforms attempting to cater to numerous customer segments with different preferences and desires for privileges. Facebook’s platform has enabled application developers to launch creative programs offered to 45 million people. The people consume that which appeals to them personally and professionally and the friend referral system spreads news of unique applications like California wildfires.

The meaning of all of these advances and those to come is a system that enhances and facilitates The Relationship Economy – an economy built around individuals and institutions that learn to use technology to enhance and enrich relationships for personal and professional gains. Technology is the enabling force; human nature is the driving force. Together they represent a profound intersection that will change the world as we know it today. This is just the beginning, and this chapter in history appears to have no end given the rate of technological advances and the thirst for the Human Network. Our world is changing rapidly and will continue to enable us to be connected to everything, everyone, and anywhere and at anytime.

What Will Your World Look Like?

The simplistic graphic in this post provides a glimpse into the possibilities of a “free and open” internet soon to emerge on the landscape. This “picture” is only a sophomoric attempt to visualize what Your Place in the World will look like and what functionality you’ll have.

Instead of jumping from one network to another we will be enabled to “create and facilitate” relationships, transactions and manage markets” from our own personal portal into the world. The interface for our portal will likely look a lot different than we are depicting but just let your imagination run a little and you should get the picture.

All our activity, relations and transaction will be facilitated through and within our own portal. We control access by topic, community and relations. We decide who and what transactions we will engage in and some of us will create brand new markets from our imaginations and experiences.

I’ll have my place and you’ll have yours. Together we’ll decide how much of our individual places we want to share between individuals and/or entire communities. Our place will never leave us. Integrated into our mobile devices, our Cable TV, within our own suppliers and customers, our place will be where we manage our world seamlessly.

Too far fetched? Stay tuned and enter my place and share yours.  Have a better idea for a design?  Post it and share.

What say you?

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Michael Pokocky April 9, 2008 at 10:24 am

I add to this conversation with this statement,”Marshall McLuhan’s [1911-1980] famous quote, “The medium is the message,” was an early perceptive
prophecy, but it did not take into account human nature as we moved from The Industrial Age to The Technological Age.

He was a respected visionary who could not have prophesied the profound imbalances between needs and desires of humanity, independent of the multicultural and multilingual nature of the global village.

These imbalances are symptomatic of the economic, political, social, cultural, environmental and spiritual vertigo our world is experiencing today.

Since we are well into the first stage of The Technological Age, although we still live our lives with one foot in The Industrial Age, it is the infallibility of human nature that is causing all the trouble.

This is The Paradox of The Technological Age; in our quest for technological innovation and integration, nobody asked what the philosophical implications human nature would have in the way we live our lives. Our inability to accept this paradox, and the multitude of other paradoxes inherent in our civilization, is our problem; and we have not even begun to understand them, let alone come up with the questions that must be asked in the first place, in order to begin to understand them.”

My vision has and always has been a world of interconnected sites around the world each unique in the fact they present the idea that it is the Individual that is societies most valuable resource.

I have had the pleasure of meeting and seeing and speaking to the most profound visionary I have met that ‘gets it’ and sees and respects and understands the precious nature of one individuals contribution to a world connected. This world when it reaches critical mass will become the standard for the future evolution of sustainable interconnected individuals where one site representing the perfection of the Global Brand You of each Individual at their end of the net respecting not only the individual’s success, but through the collective interconnectedness the opportunities for potentialities is infinite.

This world and its creator is known only to me for the moment.
My nexus has just been created and there are many more too.

There is a new wave that has washed the white sands of the beaches you see only in your dreams. I have seen it.

I may have written about it but there is one who knows how to build it.

Something to think about.

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