What Factors Should You Leverage?

by Jay Deragon on 04/22/2008

What Factors Should You Leverage?What factors create the greatest influence with relations in the virtual world? Is it the relationship or technology?

First the definition of “Relationship” defined as connection or association; the condition of being related.Second the definition of “Matrix” defined as something within or from which something else originates, develops, or takes form.And third the definition of “Factors” defined as elements which actively contribute to the production of a result.

The relationship matrix is used to determine one relationship factor to another and the subsequent value proposition aimed at producing a result. Desired results are defined by the individuals, institutions, organizations and governments within the matrix.

Results can also be defined by the interaction of all relationships collectively. Our initial analysis identified the initial set of factors currently influencing the emergence of the relationship economy. Taken within a matrix the combined factors illustrate the potential of over 400 possible interactions which both define and impact end results. What results do you what to achieve?
Using the Matrix

The purpose of the matrix is to provide a basis for market segments of the relationship economy to define which factors provide the most influence to achievement of an end result. Using other management tools such as a prioritization matrix, affinity diagramming and systemic mapping, the organization of factors can be aligned strategically. Using these tools, the alignment of relationships and efforts to maximize opportunities can be done with clarity of purpose and in context to achievement of specific goals.Relationship Book

The dynamics of the current “networking space” is filled with reactionary responses to the stimulus of opportunity fueled by both the hype and adoption of users to the new medium. These dynamics are creating a wave of change yet to be defined but speculated as significant and disruptive to say the least.

In the coming era, doing the exactly right next thing is far more fruitful than doing the same thing twice. Today’s market of networks appears to be “copying” what others are doing with few leaping ahead with innovative models that enhance multiple factors and improve results for specific or all stakeholders. The most influential factor for success is leveraging multiple factors, and relations, within the matrix and doing so expediently.

Michael Pokoky writes “The question to ask ourselves is in what way if you understand the matrix can we inspire individual creativity to go beyond the matrix returning results that improve upon what is already available now and what might be!!! The collective resourcefulnesses underlying the United Relations is in reaching consensus while inspiring creative productivity which did not exist in the industrial age.”

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