What If We Were United?

by Jay Deragon on 04/15/2008

What If We Were United?The current virtual environment keeps us divided in voice and in force. Consider all the different networks, blogs and forums with threads of conversations. Billions of ideas, opinions, positions and issues discussed daily but disconnected and with little influence.

Now consider the traditional “systems” of influence are designed around feeding the masses with controlled threads of information, media and influence. The power of the traditional systems are really not based on opinions of the masses rather the formulation of opinions, positions and influence by the few.

The history of developing communications controlled by the few is changing thanks to the emergence of the social web and advanced technological advancements. However as long as the silos exist the true force of collective voices will not reach optimum representations to and as an alternative to traditional “communications systems”.Real shifts will only occur when united relations speak with collective voices on numerous issues that impact our representation.

A Contrast of Representation

In the physical world we have the United Nations trying to influence global policies. In the virtual world we have United Relations influencing policies and practices. In the physical world governments are influence by political parties. In the virtual world we need “parties” representing different areas of influence within the virtual world.
In the physical world we vote on issues affecting our communities, locally, nationally and globally. In the virtual world we need United Relations where we voice our desires, preferences and privileges with one voice.

In the physical world we vote for representatives to fight for our preferences. In the virtual world we will need elected leaders to voice our preferences to physical world institutions, organizations, representatives and markets.
The physical world is influenced by political parties rallying the mass supporters to “vote” on issues of importance. However, there is no organized effort to enable participants in the virtual world to unite and vote on relevant issues of importance.

Could We Unite and Organize?

There are social networks formed by geography, topic and industry. We’re all plagued by ongoing invitations to join these disparate networks. There are communities of discussions about anything and everything from 6 million Yahoo Groups to 60 million blogs. We have everyone “twittering” about anything and everything but with a lack of common threads of influence. A day doesn’t go by without someone somewhere announcing yet another “tool” aimed at converging our conversations. Even with all these new tools and initiatives we lack organization and representation until now.

Link to United Relations

Link to United Relations is aimed at uniting people with a collective voice to influence markets throughout the virtual world. Link to United Relations is a non profit organization with subgroups representing critical issues requiring improvement for the virtual world to operate efficiently, effectively and with representation.

Link to United Relations will compromise “parties” representing issues that influence users that are facilitating changes within the physical world by using virtual world tools and relations collectively. However “parties” represented within the virtual world will be different than those represented in the physical world. Virtual world parties are centric to advancement of issues that enable our collective voices to truly be represented on issues of meaning to both worlds.

These virtual world “parties” will include”

  1. Media Party
  2. Advertising Party
  3. Open Social Party
  4. VRM Party
  5. Content Party
  6. Platform Party
  7. Applications Party
  8. Developer Party
  9. Green Party
  10. Broadcast Party
  11. Business Party
  12. Commerce Party
  13. Education Party
  14. Identity Party
  15. Security Party
  16. Capital Party


These collective efforts will need leaders that take the “voice of users” to physical world leaders, companies and institutions. The organization will need leaders with a vision, integrity and character to truly represent the desires, preferences and privileges of the masses.

Each “party” will also need leaders to collect and represent the issues voted on my the masses as required to meet “representative improvements within the virtual world.

Want to be part of the organizations leadership or a party leader? Step up, lead, follow or get out of the way.
Nothing happens without leadership, vision and participation. Link to United Relations will need millions of members to achieve its objectives. Invite everyone you know to join this non profit initiative. Start here

The organizations virtual presence will focus on allowing votes and opinions of the masses desiring representation. Stay tuned for a lot more….

What say you?


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Michael Pokocky April 15, 2008 at 6:52 am

Interestingly timed initiative announced today which incidently corresponds to Seth Godin’s post today on What happens when we organize?
Link | http://www.typepad.com/t/trackback/2123/28098256

His ideas quoted,

Most power occurs because one side is better organized than the other.

The internet promises to change that. It does it occasionally, sort of randomly.

I think we’re at the earliest possible beginning of the changes we’re going to see because of this sort of grass roots coordination.

The system doesn’t know what to do with a movement.

cheers/ michael

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