What is Blurry?

by Jay Deragon on 04/19/2008

What is Blurry?Gadgets at Work: The Blurring Boundary between Consumer and Corporate Technologies

The boundaries between work and play are beginning to disappear as consumer technologies — including social networking tools, user generated content and wikis — are increasingly adopted by corporate America. For technology companies, this emerging “consumerization” trend represents an opportunity, but it also brings new management challenges as companies struggle to embrace these technologies in a way that doesn’t limit their usefulness but also doesn’t result in lost time or money. And while there may be productivity gains for corporations that experiment with integrating the latest consumer gadgets, security remains the deal breaker, say experts at Wharton.

What may be blurry is the lack of systemic thinking relative to the historically contained and controlled value of human expression. While masked in the issue of security the real issue of security of Leadership, control and containment.

Ann All writes a post titled Challenges Remain with Internal Social Networks which she states “But confining social networking to an internal site won’t miraculously make all of the potential pitfalls go away. Internal networks face five key challenges, according to a Gartner report cited in an internetnews.com article. They are: ensuring they deliver business value; overcoming cultural barriers, especially traditional command-and-control hierarchies; ensuring employee privacy; governing participants’ behavior; and ensuring that participants balance professional and social time.”

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