What is Funny About Netweirding?

by Jay Deragon on 04/18/2008

What is Funny About Netweirding?Sometime my brain aches from thinking, Probably because it is too small or it simply has too many thoughts in it.

Reading, studying and simply trying to keep up with developments within the social web, all these contacts, all the twits, flixs, smallcast (rather than broadcast), netweirdorks, social muse, and proliferation of discombobulated fragistats can be mentally overloading.

Plagued by my own mesh I sometimes find myself in a hurry to chase other peoples mesh thinking I might learn something I didn’t know, never needed to know and yet wanting to waste more time I pursue compulsively and without an aim.


Ever get running so fast on a treadmill that you think you are simply going to fall off?  Well here is your remedy to this malady.

Find something to laugh about and then stop taking yourself and all this mesh so seriously!

Then again you could go read a good book, here is a good one for free, Its The Emergence of The Relationship Economy.

What say you?

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Michael Pokocky April 18, 2008 at 12:17 pm

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Of course there is a Relationship Economy and its here now. What your book will do is set the framework to begin to grasp the fundamentals from the chaos and provide a certain clarity where none existed before.

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