What R U Running For?

by Jay Deragon on 04/24/2008

What R U Running For?Ever notice how everyone is running around the web collecting followers (Twitter), connections (You name the network) and readers to ones blog?

Now if your Hillary Clinton, Orack Obama or John McCain one could understand why they are “running around” seeking supporters and votes. But none of us are running for office on the other hand we seem to be running for the lead of something with someone.

People like having thousands of connections, followers and readers. Human nature seems to focus on size as an indicator of importance, position or authority. You have a large number of connections, a big title in your company or you are head of something. All makes us feel BIG but feeling BIG is different than being BIG.

What does Being Big Mean?

Big tends to translate to a meaning of accomplishment. Sure we can collect friends and readers or followers but that doesn’t really mean we’re accomplishing anything accept maybe wasting time. In the business world BiG means revenue and in some cases profits. Bloggers chase readers hoping to create clickthroughs on ads, no money there. If you “collected” 10,000 friends “what” will you do with them to accomplish something or anything?

Ask yourself:

  1. Do BIG conversational threads produce something?
  2. Does having lots of “connections” produce anything?
  3. Does having lots of readers produce something?
  4. What does BIG mean to you?
  5. When you get BIG what will you accomplish?

Anything really BIG requires organization, cooperation and people focused on a common aim. Just think if we, the users, connected together to accomplish something really BIG. What would it be? What could we accomplish if we were united with a common aim? How about collaboration aimed at improving what we can accomplish both as individuals and then as unified people centered on making progress towards producing something of value using the web? What would that something be?

You decide but first you’ll need to unite relations around what you aim to improve or accomplish. Everything starts with a purpose and ends with an aim. What is yours?

What say you
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