Are Ads The Only Advertisements?

by Jay Deragon on 05/30/2008

As we all know the primary revenue model for most networks is advertising.

Even with the data suggesting that “click throughs” are down advertisers continue to flock to social networking site hoping to catch the attention of users. However advertising models won’t sustain networks for long because the method is not very social.

Is It How vs. What?

The historical model of advertising used by agencies and bought into by brands is based on impressions and attention. Brands have bought into this model for decades and the overriding premise is that it is a numbers game.

The problem with this model is that it is in of itself anti-social in a market looking for more Socialutions. Brands want to sell their products. What, the methods, they use to sell their products is based on old mass marketing models and methodologies. These methods are running into rejections because people know the game and aren’t buying it regardless of how good or entertaining a message is crafted.

We’re seeing ads appear with “social messages. The problem with these methods is that the experience people have with a brands product is more about the quality of care given to buyers than it is about the quality of a message. A brands message must match up with the quality of experience people have with a product or the company. Doing things right is sometimes more important than trying to say the right things.

Is A New Method (the how) Required?

Brands spend millions of dollars each year advertising using old methods. When people do respond they often are disappointed with the relational experience they have with the brands product, people or processes. These negative experiences are now viral communications by and from the very people that the brands ads targeted. The ads may get people attention but a bad experience turns the attention into a complaint that goes viral at the click of a mouse from one to one to millions. The complaint then is “registered” with the worlds largest copy machine, the web, for others to reference forever.

Learning how to manage Socialutions internally first may be the best method before pretending to be something externally. If you master the internal it will become the best advertising campaign you’ve ever run. Spending your ad money on internal Socialutions will produce a higher ROI and may be the best message you could send to any market.

What say you?

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