Can’t They See The Solutions?

by Jay Deragon on 05/20/2008

Every business leader is looking for ways to contain expenses and increase revenue. In addition to these two objectives is a host of ongoing business challenges including:

  1. Retaining Key Employees
  2. Finding New Talent
  3. Keeping Customers Happy and Delighted
  4. Product and Service Developments
  5. Shareholder and Supplier Relations
  6. And the challenges increase daily

Could the Social Web Provide Answers to These Challenges?

The answers to many of these challenges lies within the Socialution, in other words, the use of technology and the way people can use it to solve problems and create new value. The opportunities are endless but require new thinking and new methods as a practice of management. A practice that unless embraced could very quickly become the primary cause of business failure.

Just consider how a CEO could easily reduce expenses without cutting people. Using social technologies could dramatically reduce travel cost, meeting cost and marketing cost yet likely to produce much better results. The Socialutions answers are right before your eyes but unless you can envision a new method and understand the power it represents then you cannot comprehend that which you do not understand or may not even be aware of.

A Simple Illustration

Seth Godin writes: If oil is $130 a barrel and if security adds two or three hours to a trip and if people are doing more and more business with those far afield…and if we need to bring together more people from more places when we get together…

and if the alternatives, like video conferencing or threaded online conversations continue to get better and better, then…

I think the standard for a great meeting or a terrific conference has changed.

Seth’s point is that the game has changed as has the rules of the game. There are numerous Socialutions applications available today that provide businesses with significant opportunity for reach, richness, collaboration and marketing methods at substantially lower cost than the traditional methods. Business 3.0 offers business profiles, a virtual exhibit hall, connectivity to customers, suppliers and employees plus a virtual shopping mall. Business 3.0 can be distributed to any social network. GoYodeo offers the next generation of broadcasting for any business or individual and can be embedded into any social network.

These are just two powerful examples of Socialutions that business leaders should be taking advantage of and in turn these solutions help leaders deal with the ongoing challenges listed in the beginning of this post. More Socialutions for business leaders later.

What say you?

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