Morgan Stanley’s View of Web 2.0

by Jay Deragon on 05/07/2008

Mary Meeker, of Morgan Stanley, overview of the internet economy from the Web 2.0 summit is up. The big coming trends were online advertising growth (of course), local momentum and video monetization.

From the transcription on Oreilly:

    If we look at the five most highly capitalized Internet companies of the world; Google, Yahoo, eBay, Yahoo Japan and, their market value today is 46 percent higher than it was at the march 2000 NASDAQ peak. That is largely due to the massive appreciation in Google.


    If we look at advertising revenue per user for some of the top sites on the Internet, Google gets about $13; YouTube gets less than $1. We think that help us to get a sense of what the monetization upside is for some of the other sites with Google as a benchmark at that level.

    Last point almost, 10 years ago if we had asked everyone in this room, a lot of very smart people, who would be the top 15 Internet retailers in 2005 we wouldn’t have this list. We might have voted Amazon at the top of the list. We wouldn’t have had Newegg at number 10. We wouldn’t have had a group of offline retailers dominating the other 13 spots. Our question for the media companies is “Why shouldn’t the media companies be in the same spot for the mother load of video if they have the opportunity of monetize it?”

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Jim Westcott February 20, 2009 at 9:13 am

So where do I start in reinventing myself after putting in twenty years of service with with the federal government who was always ten years behind the technology curve? I’m now retired and trying to develop a Voice Over business on the bottom of the food chain. I would like to see a few paying clients come my way and would be delighted to have a little pocket change to help out in todays economy.

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