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George Bigger May 30, 2008 at 8:52 am


Unfortunately, in business process improvement (also politics, and even individual rights), we are being requested to ‘put down our weapons..’ or not carry live ammunition (logic).

In what seems like wasted motion or analysis paralysis, our anxious ‘feelings’ urge us to rush more quickly to erroneous conclusions (wrong).

Another culprit, ‘political correctness’, requests that we politely overlook the troubling reality and instead superimpose a misplaced ‘forgiveness’ or perpetual excuse, rather than “digging in” to the real problem and (dare I say?) calling a “spade a spade”.

The reasons are many, but we often continue the practice of coddling our emotions (feelings), ignoring the ‘800 pound gorilla’ (facts), and chasing only ’symptoms’. That approach will perpetuate much wasted effort leading to other wastes of time and resources (dare I say: endless bureaucracy, meaningless Senate investigations).

We do have to choose our battles (overall objectives), and ‘wait till we see the whites of their eyes’ (root cause).

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