Socialutions: Is It We The Peoples?

by Jay Deragon on 05/06/2008


The construct of our virtual community has people learning to unite around common causes, topics and the conversations abound.

History has shown a pattern of power shifts fueled by conversations united, focused and pointed at specific desires for change voiced by the collective peoples.

Today the web is enabling a stronger unification of voices whose influence is reaching epic proportion. Whether the voices speak to global issues of concern, corporate behavior or reactions to the news of the day, threads of conversations by the people stream without boundaries and build momentum of influence.

There are numerous examples of this dynamic happening even with today’s technological constraints. For example:

  1. Community formation centric to issues, corporations and causes are exploding across all “networks
  2. Participation by people in these communities is creating loud voices of influence being heard and reported by traditional media
  3. Demand for change centric to the issues of the peoples concern, desire and expectations is creating reactions by those effected by the peoples demand.
  4. Reactions by the markets, the corporations and institutions ignites further conversations in favor of or against the reactions
  5. Organization of these new dynamics and how to manage them effectively is fueling the need for new methods of adaptation by markets, media, organizations, institutions and individuals.
  6. Managing the outcomes of these dynamics is and will continue to become the factors of success or failure of the participants
  7. Methods used to manage the outcomes is becoming a new management process aimed at collaborative win win solutions that the collective people desire called Socialutions.

Just maybe the web of people can help bridge the historical cap between them, the organizations, and us, the people. After all an organization is nothing more than a collection of people with a common purpose. How the people and related solutions are managed, the methods, creates the difference between success and failure. An organization without people is an empty shell with no purpose.

Tomorrows successful organizations will be driven by a new method and philosophy based on “We the Peoples are all aimed at Socialutions” that creates perpetual value for markets of other people, our shareholders, suppliers and customer, people. We’re not talking about socialization rather Socialutions. There is a difference, get it? It is about united relations aimed at common purposes, yours, mine and ours.

Maybe not until we understand the methods.

What say you?

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