Will Comcast/Plaxo Usher in a Storm?

by Jay Deragon on 05/15/2008

In an earlier post we discussed challenges and opportunities for Comcast and the social web titled “Can Comcast Reverse the Storm? Many of the opportunities we discussed is now a reality.

Staci D. Kramer, of paidContent.org writes: “Just got off the phone from a tandem interview with Plaxo CEO Ben Golub and Comcast Interactive Media‘s Sam Schwartz. They weren’t willing to talk money but answered just about everything else and talked at length about the vision of marrying set-tops and social software. Comcast (NSDQ: CMCSA) plans to integrate Plaxo’s technology across its platforms?including, eventually, to WiMax. In the short-term, Schwartz says, it’s about “taking the existing network and making it more powerful. There aren’t too many other social networks that cross over to the TV set, certainly at that scale.”

Why now?: “The two companies have already been working together for a year, with Plaxo powering the address books used for Comcast’s 14 million high-speed data subscribers. Schwartz, president, Comcast Interactive Capital and EVP, CIM: “As we continued to look at making that partnership even deeper, we’ve been thinking about the things we could do to supercharge each other’s product and really believe there’s a unique opportunity in a marriage.” He puts the opportunities in two categories: the technology Plaxo has been building for seven years as it morphed from address book to sharing online activities through its social Pulse product and Comcast’s activities with interactive set-top boxes, building Comcast.net, expanding with the launch of Fancast.com, the acquisition of Fandango and more. “All those things when you tie them together, both sides can really provide a lot more endpoints for making that a valuable social service. Every social network does better the more endpoints it has and the information it has flowing through it.”

The Space is Moving A Lot Faster than Any of Use Can Imagine

This is a bold move that has promises to further accelerate both advancements to the web and others following to leverage the web for new opportunities. Sounds a lot like “The Emergence of The Relationship Economy”. Stay tuned for the next big move soon to happen within a click of your mouse.

What say you?

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