Your Place, When?

by Jay Deragon on 05/07/2008

Your Place, When?Imagine having one place on the net where you interface with everyone, anyone and anything.

Imagine Your Place being truly virtual in that Your Place floats with you wherever you go.

Imagine Your Place on your desktop, laptop, mobile device, automobile and television. Just imagine the utility, time saving and value appreciation.

Imagine Your Place enables you to have your blog, your connections, your micro-blog, your video broadcast, your channels, your search and anything else you want in Your Place. Imagine advertisers and brands bidding for space in Your Place and you decide whether any of Your Place has ads and if so with whom and at what price as well as where in Your Place.

Imagine businesses wanting to be listed in Your Place. Imagine Your Place having its own custom mall representing those brands you identify with. Imagine Your Place being fully enabled with e&m commerce. Imagine Your Place enabling you to interface with your suppliers, both personal and professional. Social Commerce will explode and Your Place will be where value and goods are exchanged.

Imagine the web no longer restricting you to “silos” rather Your Place is your space to design and interact with anything and anyone. Imagine you having control over Your Place and being able to define whom and what gets to view or participate with you in Your Place.

Imagine the productivity of the web adding 10X power to your daily activities. Imagine your business being able to have its Own Place but able to interface with Your Place. Imagine being able to broadcast your own channel which attracts those whom have an affinity to your business, your topic, your industry or simply you.

The screens in the middle of the illustration above represent pictures, videos or other images of “places and people” connected to Your Place and they move at a click of the mouse and are live 24/7. Just imagine.

You won’t have to imagine long, we just witnessed what we call “the first floating web” and it redefines the term virtual. Your Place grows organically as other grow. Your Place leapfrogs ahead of the “clutter” of todays web and creates a new passage to the term virtual. Stay tuned and we’ll soon share it with you so you can get a jump on defining Your Place for the future.

What say you?

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