Does Marriott Get It?

by Jay Deragon on 06/23/2008

It is refreshing to read a story which illustrates real Leadership thinking as it applies to social tools for business. It is also rare so when we see such a story we enjoy sharing it with our readers.

Angelo Fernando writes: Marriott CEO, J.W. Marriott told a shocked audience this morning that he never knew what a blog was when he started, but now finds it a way to listen to others, and communicate better with the thousands of employees and customers around 68 countries.

Marriott spoke at the opening session of the IABC International conference in New York, where he was named the 2008 Excel Award winner. Like a few CEOs today, he stumbled onto blogging thanks to his communications director, but now finds it “a cool way to tell stories.” His advice to other CEOs:

  • Make it personal
  • Stay away from out and out advertising
  • Talk about what you are passionate about

Obviously he was mildly grilled about the value of the blog. Alluding to the ROI of the blog he said it translated ino thousands of dollars in room sales. “I would recommend it to any CEO. It’s worth it,” he said.

From One to One to Thousands of CEO’s?

You would think that other business leaders will read the Marriott story and get it. Subsequently you would then anticipate a proliferation of brand name CEO’s appearing in the blogsphere. You would think so but it is not likely.

You wonder why. Maybe being in the hospitality business makes Mariott think more about relationships. We’ll discuss why companies won’t follow the Marriott example later. Give us your own opions as well.

What say you?

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