What Are The Five Business Factors?

by Jay Deragon on 06/06/2008

Social networking technologies develop a momentum of their own. Momentum creates motion but without directions individuals and organizations can end up spinning in circles.

The effect of this momentum eventually brings individuals and businesses to a point of needing to define and evaluate the value of participation.

Given that social networks and social media are a fairly new phenomena there is a need to define an evaluation criteria from which effective measures and critical thinking can be applied.

Our assessment of the issues needing careful examination and subsequent planning led us to five factors for consideration. These include:

  1. Enablement
  2. Empowerment
  3. Engagement
  4. Enrichment
  5. Enslavement

While the phenomena of social networking technologies appeals to the basic human and business needs without knowing “how” to properly maximize factors 1 – 4 it can become a detriment by enslaving people and businesses into non-productive and possibly damaging activities.

The Hidden Game Appeal

Many adults are intrigued by the phenomena of social networking and will spend countless hours engaged in the game. It is a game when you consider what operators know and users do not.

Operators understand the appeal of new technology when it is designed around ” basic human and business needs for relationships, significance and wanting not to be left out of the “latest and greatest”. Knowing this operators launch new technology aimed at targeted consumer and business interest, new features to intrigue the masses, new functions that promise new efficiencies and network growth that promotes being able to reach more people, more markets.

The masses follow the appeal and the cycle of intrigue is designed to keep the masses engaged. Network operators are motivated to establish technological relationships with their customer aiming at drawing in the masses so the networks economic value increases. The economic value of the network is aimed at satisfying the shareholder, not the users. Networks leave the creation of individual or business value to the imagination of the users.

Technology can become a detriment to our time, our relations and our economic standing if you aren’t investing mindfully with a view to a financially viable outcome. Technology can also become and enabler of opportunities to leverage the medium for our own individual or professional gains. Our gains must be definable and useful to our individual or professional purposes.

A purpose driven model is designed around defining the value gained by leveraging the intersection of human behavior and social technologies.

The five factors needing consideration comes in many different forms but the basic tenant of possible outsome remain consistent for individuals and businesses alike.

The Relationship Economy is about leveraging technological advances that enable, empower, engage and enrich personal and professional interacting processes aimed at a purpose.

Stay tuned and we’ll be discussing the attributes of each of the five factors worthy of consideration throughout this month.

What say you?

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