dannygutknecht May 1, 2009 at 5:08 pm

RT @IHAmaven: Doing some research today for RN Pathways, awesome read if interested in social networking – http://tinyurl.com/cd9pxc

David Payne May 1, 2009 at 5:02 pm

Doing some research today for RN Pathways, awesome read if interested in social networking – http://tinyurl.com/cd9pxc

Bruce Lewin February 17, 2008 at 4:49 am

Hi Jay, nice piece, but I’d have to take issue with your table… what I can’t work out is why every box can’t be ticked? I know I’m playing devil’s advocate, but I really can’t see a good reason for not having every box ticked?

For example, many google groups are built around helping others with technology or learning to some degree or another. Similarly, I would suggest that blogs explicity offer a sense of community, if only because people have coined the term ‘blogsphere’ (or is it blogosphere?). Throw in the linking, trackbacks, comments and things like mybloglog and so on and I think we’re getting close to a sense of community…

Perhaps I’ve misunderstood it though?

John Dierckx January 6, 2008 at 6:14 pm

I guess I would have to agree with Michael for the large part, building trusted relationships on a human level seems impossible. On the other hand I feel that Michael and I are a typical example of “the exception that confirms a rule”.

However I also note that trusted relationship in a business environment could and often does mean something different.

I guess that is an area that may need further exploration and more clarity in the posts by Jay. It is important to not mistake friendships with business relations. Hence I prefer not to speak of trusted relationships in a business environment, it is a plain myth.

If business relationships were really all about trust that we would not need all those lengthy terms and conditions and contracts.

I would have to agree with Michael that at best the net offers an opportunity to get connected. I could add to that it could be the start of building fruitful relationships or useful relationships but that is as far as I am concerned things end. It is absolutely not smart to add trust to that relationship, at best you manage your “trust” risks and opt for stricter or less strict controls. Real trust however in a completely online environment seems like a fantasy to me.

Like I said before I guess when it comes to trust, I dare to say I trust Michael even though we never met. That trust grew over many years of almost daily contact and is hardly a viable approach in business.

Trust in business is considered important but I think it is fair to say that social networking is not going to add to that. Those who think they can, are at risk if they chose not to cover the risk of abuse of trust contractually. Most important is that trust in business is a different concept and should not be mistaken by inter-human trust through deeper relationships. Where such a level of trust is apparent in the business relationship one could wonder whether it has to do with the business relationship or a personal relationship.

I would go as far as saying, do we actually need trust (in a inter-human sense). I guess that is where the legalities come in. Most business relationships are covered by a body of law that basically forces us to perform and opens up options where “trust” is abused. I prefer to look at the business relationships from that point of view: I never exclude the possibility of non-performance (read abuse of trust) even on my own part, cause misunderstandings are part of life and business. So instead of looking for trust I look for limitation of risks. Again I do not think that social networking or any relationship economy will contribute to “trust” but instead it may contribute in limitation of risks.

Just my two cents on this first official working day in the New Year, happy 2008 to all of you.

And on a personal note Jay: I think our relationship is valuable, but should it ever come to business please don’t think I trust you (gggg) and I expect you not to trust me as well.

Michael Pokocky January 6, 2008 at 1:03 pm

The title of this post
{A Chasm of Purpose Between Business and People?}
should be
{with all due apology to any reader who finds this offensive}

The Chaos of Purpose Between Business and People?

In an earlier post { http://jayderagon.com/blog/?p=591 comment no.2, } someone brought up {Edison} as an example of Networking. Nicely presented along with others, however my refutation of the comment was politely countered with this posted comment:

You put Edison as one example of networking but did you know that there was another man who actually refused the Nobel Prize and was in fact responsible for the invention of the AC current, which while under the employ of Edison, both men were at great dispute with one another.

Factor in this mystery man’s heritage and you can draw your own conclusions about who gets the prize and the fame in the history books.

I refer the reader to Nikola Tesla { http://www.teslasociety.com/biography.htm } where you can read all about who really was responsible for the world we live in today.

In citing Tesla/Edison I draw a direct observation to the {Fallibility of Networking} today and thus why I argue for a change in the title of this post.

Even in our most guarded trusted relationships in a real life scenario, as we see with Tesla and Edison, there is the unsuspecting probability that the inevitable will happen as it did with Tesla and Edison. {Read the story again on the link}.

The idea that {trusted relationships} can ever be built online is {absolutely an improbability}. The direct and indirect conversations, taking into account every conceivable medium available to us on the web today, are at most shallow and inevitably boring. Even more pronounced is the idea that {Social Interaction aka Networking} is being promoted as the {business tool} of the now, notwithstanding the future. It hasn’t arrived.

I declare that mixing business with social interaction will inevitably and constantly result in {mistrust misrepresentation broken promised and failure to communicate}.

At best the Net is an opportunity to {BE CONNECTED} but with whom and with what?

Hazel El Awamy January 6, 2008 at 8:42 am

i found this very interesting subject, as i had just taken a poll reading on marriage relationships, although this gave discussion on relationships, i felt here we are talking about human needs and relationships again in a different way.

I t gives a view why networking is a different way of marketing or connecting to people. If you are a shy person, this gives people chance to express who they really are, come out of their shell. We all want to feel wanted and of use to another person or persons, and that feeling as a human being, is number one feeling. You want to feel useful human being, and a reason to get up in the morning and to live.

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