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Mr Business Golf July 22, 2008 at 8:56 am

I agree. Too many marketing firms are falling for information they bought that is contrived from user tracking scripts that are placed on blog sites. This causes the disconnect between Marketing Firms and the Market since that information cannot be reliable. The user data may show what markets are popular to the viewers of that site but that can be coerce by too many factors associated with what the content of blog or web-site. For example, if the blog theme is about golf and the content posted for on blog is on porn the tracking is going to show that the viewers of that site love porn so the marketing firms will be told that this site is for porn so porn ads are what should be placed on this site….wrong!
The solution would be for the user tracking companies to start paying the blog sites they ask for tracking scripts to be placed on a portion of the large profits they make from selling the data they screen off the site and sell to marketing firms. This would insure that the content on the site is theme related and the tracking info is pure. Plus would provide another revenue stream for bloggers since the click for ads method of payment is dead.

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