Is It What,When,Why,Where and How?

by Jay Deragon on 07/04/2008

For years we’ve been talking with people and businesses about the social web. The conversations reveal a lot of different questions asked as a result of people’s curiosity about all this “social stuff”. Some get it immediately while others need to be convinced that this is truly an era of Socialutions.

You can learn a lot just by listening to the questions people ask. Learning what questions people ask leads you to common solutions. Sometimes “self appointed experts” get caught up in thinking they have the answers and subsequently they can’t really hear the questions. The answers to questions concerning all this “social stuff” are not static rather dynamic given the revolutionary changes fueled by all this “social stuff”. Everyday new books are being written proclaiming to have the answers. The problem is today’s answers may not be the solutions to tomorrows questions.

While the answers change over time the questions remain fairly consistent. Based on assessing what questions we’ve been asked by hundreds of business leaders and thousands of individuals we’ve grouped them into five common categories. These are:

  1. How
  2. Why
  3. What
  4. Where
  5. Who

If you step back and think for a moment you’ll see that the five categories of questions are the fundamental learning triggers that we naturally ask about everything in life. As soon as we think we know something we tend to stop asking the questions. When we stop asking questions we stop learning. When we stop learning we end up applying what we think we know to a new problem then wonder why the problem isn’t resolved. Einstein once said: Insanity to doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results“.

In a series of future post we will share the details of the five common question categories people ask about all this “social stuff”. In learning the common questions we have learned common solutions people are seeking. In learning the solutions people seek we are on a never ending journey to finding the answers. Never ending because again, today’s answers won’t necessarily solve tomorrows problems

Socialutions is an ongoing moving target of progress and change. If you think today’ answers are permanent you end up missing tomorrows solutions. You can plan and do but unless you check and ask you may be acting on the wrong things.

Get it?

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