Which Social Media Service?

by Jay Deragon on 07/24/2008

There are 48,500,000 listing on Google when you type in “Social Media Services“. There are 36,100,000 listing when you type in “Social Media Business Services.

A review of the listing only five pages deep reveals “advertising, ad placement and design services” are the dominant services. It appears as though the majority of the service providers think “social media” is about ad placement, click through, ad analytics and fundamentally the offerings are applying old tricks to new media. One thing is clear, there is a huge market of suppliers offering to help companies enter the world of social media. The problem is some may start you off on the wrong road.

As previously written in post titled “Do Old Mindsets Repeat Themselves” and “Do You Like Being Shot At?” the marketers message to a uniformed and yet eager market is leading the sheep to the wolves den to be slaughtered. The old school of thought concerning marketing and use of media was driven by impressions, click throughs and a host of other “tricks of the trade“. Well here is some news for those looking for help. Stay away from the tricks and enter doing the right things for the right purpose.

What Are The Right Things?

The wrong thing is to think of social media as an extension of old advertising methods. The right thing is to think of it as an opportunity to renew or begin old relations and form new ones.

Of the listing on our Google search we found a site whose white paper promotes three critical elements for entering into “social media” and using the tools correctly. The site is RSSApplied and their white paper promotes three service elements which include:

  1. Knowledge
  2. Strategies
  3. Execution

The services offering appear to be designed around use of virtual tools to deliver the knowledge required, qualified resources to help with the strategies and a community to assist with execution. There is a host of other companies, both large and small, also offering numerous services for businesses but only a few seem to approach the market wholistically.

The pricing for those offering other than “advertising ad design and placement” range from monthly subscription models, monthly campaign management to a full course consulting engagement with all the bells and whistles. The cost ranges were $250 a month for basic services all the way up to six figure engagement for everything from setting up and running a community blog to defining and implementing strategically designed initiatives.

How Does A Business Choose?

For those just entering or those wanting to fix current defunct strategies the options, technology, language and “rules of the road” can be very confusing. The choices are fairly straight forward:

  1. Learn on your own
  2. Hiring an internal resource to manage your transformation
  3. Hiring outside “experts” to help you do the right things and do them right
  4. Join a community of experts who can guide you along the way
  5. Apply the old rules to the new game and loose

Whatever your choice one thing is certain. Everyone has a roadmap but few really know how to get there.

What say you?

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Social Bookmarks August 25, 2008 at 3:37 pm

Thanks for the article on Social Bookmarking! Very informative… and timely! Keep them coming.

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