Why Business Blogs Fail:Part 2

by Jay Deragon on 07/17/2008

Given that “social business practices” are a new dynamic with little history there is little to point to as best practices. However, beyond the “technical tools and know how” there is a baseline of truisms for relational and communications issues fundamental to successful business practices…relations.

Now that “people” have been empowered by all this “social stuff” and the internet is accelerating the old truisms into the spot light. The old truths are now being spun as new truths with everyone addressing them from different perspectives and applied inferences to business practices. .

Social Media Applied to Business

Lee Gomes writes: Employee Blogging: What’s the Purpose? People who blog tend to be very opinionated. But in a corporation, that doesn’t fit very well, since corporations need to control their message. So a lot of companies don’t participate in blogging. Or if they do, it’s in a very top-down way. For most businesses, if a project don’t have a specific objective, it’s very hard to allocate resources for it.

People are tired of dealing with institutions; they want to deal with people. My philosophy is that corporations are made up of people. How, then, do you free them up? If you have 100 people in customer service, why don’t you have 100 people blogging? The people in your company who are smart and passionate, who like the customer and who like their job, who think they are doing important work and who want to talk about it — free those people up.

Moving Business Closer to People?

Chris Baggott writes: Successful business blogs have two characteristics. First, rather than top down from the “C” level, they open up by having widespread employee participation. Prospects and Customers are not the ones to write frequently about your business….but you hire smart, passionate people who like their jobs, like the customer, are proud of your products….let them blog about it.

Secondly, ROI need to be measured based on search & conversion. Blogging is a content and engagement strategy. Widespread employee blogging generates lots of great topic specific, keyword, frequently updated and authentic content. The more content you generate like this, the more traffic you generate. Most successful Corporate Blogging programs in our system drive three times or more traffic than their traditional sites.

When the searcher lands on a page with a post that specifically matches their search intent…written by a real human being and addressing a similar situation…they convert. They take the next step in the relationship.

Is It Convergence of Old with New?

The common attribute of any successful business is “how well” the business propositions relate to people, employees, customers and entire markets. It is the propositions, the entire business systems that create conversations. Relationships beget conversations, good and bad.

Conversations represent entire markets. Transaction occurs when the relationships are sound, the conversations are beneficial and the exchange of value fulfills a human need or desire.

The process is natural to the human psyche. T

he internet has accelerated the process. If your business relations are good they can get better. Bad and they will get worse.

What say you?

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