A Business Social Fast Trac?

by Jay Deragon on 08/04/2008

Within the last twelve months we’ve seen a shift in applications being developed specifically to enable businesses to better leverage all this social stuff. Early this year Linkedin added features that enable businesses to have profiles and we posted about here Linkedin Shifts to Business Profiles. We also recently posted What Could You Do? which discussed the possibilites and requirement for businesses to migrate their web presence to a more “social interface”. Things are moving fast.

What Is The Difference?

In a separate post last year we discussed the differences between Personal and Business Profiles in a post titled Profile Differences: Biz vs. Personal with the emphaisis being centric to purpose of use. While there still are businesses blocking employees from accessing social networks while at work it won’t be long before rmployrrs are being encouraged to use social networks for business purposes.

Enabling businesses to have and manage their own profiles within networks and to exchange goods and services may in fact be the process that further ignites the medium to be more than a “social network”.

The Primary aim of a Business is to Facilitate Transactions within and throughout Markets

Today we picked this up on the press release wires. Business 3.0 (www.businessthree0.com), the first and only business profile administrator on social networks, has announced a partnered relationship with NXGEN Payment Services, a leading international merchant service provider. NXGEN Payment Services will provide an offering of credit card processing, electronic gift cards, merchant cash advances, electronic check processing and ATM services for over 240 million global social network users.

“NXGEN is excited to be working with Business 3.0,” said Bill Ryken, Vice President of Global Sales for NXGEN Payment Services. Ryken went on to say, “Business 3.0 with their combined social network commerce platform and NXGEN with its veteran sales force are two of the more respected providers in each of their industries. Both companies are embracing this partnership as we promote mutual growth, brand recognition, and personalized merchant support and services.”

“Our mission at Business 3.0 is to utilize state-of-the-art advertising to provide businesses with the opportunity to expand their customer base instantly through the relationships that social networks provide. Our goal is to restore relationships lost in the Internet 1.0 era by creating a fully functioning business network that works seamlessly on social networks to connect consumers and businesses with personal, yet also private, relationships. We feel that NXGEN Payment Services has the commitment to providing best-in-class service, pricing and the highest level of cardholder security that is critical to building customer relationships,” said Michael Zeuthen, CEO of Business 3.0.

“It is our belief that revolutionary advances in the social sphere combined with proactive customer service represent the most effective model an online social network can offer in a daily effort to help merchants grow their business. These factors are the fundamental reasons why Business 3.0 decided to team up with NXGEN. Together, we can take merchant account businesses to a higher level, one that has never been thought before,” said Zeuthen..

NXGEN has been awarded MasterCard’s highest level of RAMP Compliance rating for their Fraud Prevention and Risk Management policies, and VISA certified NXGEN as one of only a few companies able to participate in their Tax Payment Pilot program.

Business 3.0 allows businesses to have profiles within social networks including business info, contact info, business news, employee and business connections, and an organized product and service listing, enabling networks users to purchase products directly on their social network. Business 3.0 also has tools and widgets that allow businesses to have b2c, b2b, and c2c conversations, and commerce capabilities on any individual business application.

Business 3.0 offers two integrated payment solutions- NXGEN and PayPal- with NXGEN providing the more cost-effective option of the two.

The web application will also extend the payment solution to every social network developer, thus allowing businesses to link to their own shopping cart.

Utilizing one central portal, www.businessthree0.com, a business can edit their profile and be linked to all social networks instantly and simultaneously.

Business 3.0 also has a social shopping center called b3buy. b3buy is filled with products from over 1,200 online merchants. Network users are able to tag items for friends to view, add to their most wanted list, and get gift ideas for their friends.

Business 3.0 created a virtual exhibit hall which will be edited from the portal. This virtual exhibit hall allows businesses to add video, podcasts, images, surveys, live chat with business representatives, news, and a blog system. Now businesses can keep customers up-to-date with new products and other business news, socially and quickly.

Business 3.0 offers business owners, suppliers and employees a unique proposition to maximize their presence and revenue growth throughout the social web. Their portfolio of applications and tools includes:

  1. · Virtual business profile
  2. An integrated shopping function matching users’ affinities to products
  3. Virtual Exhibit Hall by market segment, enabling business to have a presence and conduct sales 24/7
  4. The Business 3.0 University; an online accredited educational portal providing specific courses on how to maximize use of the social web
  5. Business 3.0 Broadcast Station; a virtual broadcast station of businesses creating a virtual TV News Network
  6. A fully integrated e-commerce engine enabling businesses to sell products and services virally through social networks

From our perspective Business 3.0 has done a superb job at defining the core applications any business will need to successfully engage within the social web and make money with their efforts. No other application exists today that matches the robust nature and end-to-end value that Business 3.0 does. Combine their portfolio with their current reach of over 240 million users globally, and you have a winning proposition matched by no one within this space.

What say you?

For more information on Business 3.0, contact Michael Zeuthen at [email protected] or visit www.businessthree0.com.

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