First You Twitter Now You Cherp?

by Jay Deragon on 08/29/2008

Innovation is the means for turning creativity into a productive business tool. We can see that businesses are migrating rapidly to the social web looking for ways to leverage the tools of the social web into productive business processes that attract customers and hope that attraction eventually converts to a transaction.

Conversational marketing seems to be the hype of the moment with everyone trying everything to initiate conversations that attract the masses. From the current Presidential Election Campaigns to most of all the major brands everyone is trying to engage an audience into a relevant conversation that sticks.

Whether is be using blogs, social networks, social advertising or even Twitter the rush to engage is on full force and will only accelerate daily as more businesses begin to recognize the audience has shifted.

Reinventing Marketing and PR

Matthew Tharp, CEO of Cherp writes: “It was inevitable, someone was going to want help creating a great Twitter strategy for their business and would seek help. Cherp is here, and we’re an agency dedicated to finding brilliant ways to leverage the Twitter platform and network. If you want to get business use out of this tool, look no further – you’ve found Cherp!”

“We want to guide you to social network marketing success. That’s our entire focus at Cherp – better strategies, better tools, better outcomes. There is no better time to get started on Twitter. Social media marketing isn’t going away and it’s not easy – it requires knowledge of and experience with the technology, the networks, and the way consumers engage the site.”

“Anyone can buy ads on Facebook or Myspace. The real success in social media comes from interacting, and Twitter provides one of the best ways to accomplish this. Don’t just tweet…Cherp!”

“The site went live on Tuesday, and as any of you know who’ve launched a new website or business – the first week is typically low traffic and gives you an opportunity to work out bugs. Thanks to Twitter, and the many bloggers out there who picked this up and discussed it yesterday and today, I believe all the bugs were found by about 11:59 pm last night. So far, the only thing I take issue with are the folks who think we’re going to add to the Twitter spam. That is exactly the opposite of our intentions.”

“Please keep an eye out Friday, and especially Tuesday after the holiday. While many of you will be enjoying the last throes of summer heat, I will be indoors applying what I’ve learned from everyone over the last 24 hours. The blog will be updated, a formal press release will be unleashed on the world, and most importantly I’ll be adding to some meat to the bones of what I’ve started. Rest assured, I’m not taking it lightly anymore.”

“Also, look for a link this afternoon that captures all the incredible dialogue that Cherp has created across blogs and the Twitter-sphere.”

Innovation + Creativity = Conversational Draw

Last week we shared the pre-release of Business Exchange and that release drew thousands to sign into Business Exchange and begin to learn the value proposition. Subsequently Business Week is preparing to publically launch Business Exchange next week and thousands more will flock to the sight curious to learn what value there is or isn’t in participating.

Every week new announcements hit the blogosphere vying for out time and attention. As Matthew Tharp reported, the initial response to the announcement of Cherp drew 10X the expected response rate. Whether you arer drawn to Twitter, Cherp , Exchange or the next innovative and creative offering the primary thing that makes us stick is the value proposition gained from the conversations.

Get the value proposition right and the conversations will stick. Does the conversation help you learn how to stick or is it an attempt to make you stick?

What say you?

Next Week: What value sticks?


tweetadder promotion code March 8, 2010 at 5:58 am

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Frank Abrams August 29, 2008 at 7:01 am

When you look at what is really going on with twitter, especially amongst super power users with thousands of followers and followings, I’m not sure it’s really a “conversation”.

There is tremendous value: learning about people along many dimensions, getting access to what they are reading or doing or paying attention to as well. Just not sure watching a lifestream roll by is a conversation. And these power users generally have no constraints on what they say or do.

There is lots of spam, lots of retweets, lots of links to blogs, so its already bastardized into a positioning game, and a support mechanism for multichannel promotion; not a lifestream.

Twitter gets exciting when it is part of a bigger thing. When it is the live chat wall to events and online seminars or broadcasts

Companies have lots of issues and boundaries. Twitter will sound the same as other channels like customer service help desks, online forums etc.

Like all tools, especially in corporate hands, the marketing benefits of twitter are functions of how you use it; transparency most of all… do you have something to say!? Its just a tool that will be used by companies the same way every other communications tool has been used. Honesty and transparency will be there, but when it serves the company purpose.

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