Migration to The Virtual Office?

by Jay Deragon on 08/02/2008

The social web is rapidly migrating businesses to the virtual office” concept. The Virtual Office Concept provides significan gains for progressive business leaders.

Consider for the moment what all business has at their disposal today:

  1. Unprecedented access to information and people
  2. Technological communications tools that enable a virtual presence, audio, video and text
  3. Collaborative tools for virtual group dynamics and exchanges of information and knowledge
  4. Mobile lifestyles exploding with integrated applications for virtually all things we need for working
  5. Social networks which enable reach to resources and richness in terms of content and exchanges

Now Consider the Following Stresses on People and Business

  1. Increased fuel and repair cost of commuting and the related environmental concerns
  2. Stress of time to and from work as well as time away from our families
  3. Personal cost for eating out, dry cleaning, parking, etc
  4. Office cost for employer
  5. The cost of employment fatigue and burn out syndromes on the job.

Several studies on issues and outcomes of virtual work environments over the last several years showed that Telecommuting and remote management of geographically dispersed employees are helping to improve job satisfaction, save costs and boost corporate productivity. Also discovered

  • More than two-thirds of American workers surveyed have engaged in virtual work
  • Nearly half (46%) are involved in virtual work at least once a week; 14 percent do so daily
  • 31 percent of those surveyed work in a virtual management structure, i.e., their immediate manager or staff members are not located in the same office
  • 27 percent work for organizations with formal policies that encourage virtual work; and
  • nearly half (48%) work for organizations that allow virtual work practices, even if no formal policy exist
  • The vast majority (91%) agree that virtual work saves their companies time and money.

The number one reason that professionals want to participate in virtual teams more frequently is simple: increased productivity. As the size of the virtual workforce in America today is growing, so is the likely impact on productivity and profitability for organizations. “We used to think that meeting face-to-face was the only way to build trust and teamwork. Armed with new technology and new best practices, we’re learning new ways to connect on a human level with people anywhere, anytime,” said Dr. Jaclyn Kostner, author of Virtual Leadership.

The tools of the trade for the virtual office include fax, cellular, intranet or extranet, online calendar or scheduling tools, paging, Web conferencing and videoconferencing, Skype, virtual collaboration rooms, B2B social networks among many others.

Global expansion means that many organizations are relying on virtual technology to hold board meetings or discuss major transactions, such as mergers and acquisitions, says Adam Gartenberg, a product manager at IBM, which has a number of real-time and team collaboration products. “With employees working in different time zones, it’s easy to refer to these virtual offices for documents and timelines, rather than requiring employees to dig through their in-boxes,” he says.

When you consider the current dynamics and emergence of social computing it doesn’t take much of an imagination to envision the convergence of collaborative technologies into business network portals custom designed for optimization.. These businessl network portals would provide new enhanced abilities for businesses to maximize the effectiveness of “people, processes and profits”..

The benefits of the virtual office environment has already been illustrated and provided while future technological enhancements will only accelerate benefits for all parties and organizations involved.

A company called Davinci Virtual builds and enables value exchanges for businesses and is ushering in a brand new dynamic for progressive business leaders to capture the future now.

Are You Ready?


[email protected] office September 14, 2010 at 5:45 pm

You can space, time and money in virtual office. Migrating to a virtual office is a nice idea.^_^

crystal craig September 15, 2009 at 5:42 pm

i value the information on virtual work because it gives me an idea of what to look for in the work place and what is to come. It also prepares future business worker for the work place and the new society.

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