Is It Economic Chaos?

by Jay Deragon on 09/22/2008

Markets and life in general can be like a roller coaster. You have your ups and downs. The peaks can be high and valleys can be low. The directional changes can come suddenly, challenging your perspective and shaking your beliefs. However, there are only two ways to get hurt on a roller coaster. Jump off while in motion or if the entire roller coaster collapses. Either way the best bet is to simply hang on.

The economic crisis we face has the world’s attention and everyone has an opinion. Our government indicates that the situation needs urgent attention and not addressing the situation with a bailout remedy could cause serious systemic disruption globally. The pundits will want to point fingers at “who caused the problem” and the pragmatist will simply want to fix the problem.

So Who Will We Follow?

The remedy to the root cause of the current economic crisis is not a simple solution or a short term fix rather it is systemic in nature. A system takes time to change with the greatest influence being “we the people” and those we chose to lead us. We the people have allowed our political leaders to manipulate “our system of government” for greed and self interest. We the people have fallen into a trap of self satisfying propositions regardless of the cost to others or society at large.

We have become a self consuming society lacking guidance and knowledge of how to enhance one another vs. taking from one another. The “we”, of we the people, lacks unity and a common set of principles from which we can live and prospers collectively. We have failed and now it is time for us to succeed.

What Does It Take to Us to Succeed?

Collective success, regardless of political viewpoint, takes unifying objectives that the masses can identify with and participate in. The cause before us is massive change required across “institutions of selfish thinking and behavior” that have brought about the very problems we need to solve. Problems can rarely be solved unless they are viewed from a different perspective. Problems are also best solved when people most affected by the problems participate in creating the solutions.

The current government remedy of our economic crisis is an emergency reaction required to simply “keep the roller coaster from collapsing” and taking a global economy down with it. The issue is we are all still on the roller coaster and unless “we the people” decide and demand that we change the “systemic forces” that creates the reoccurring problems we will face greater problems on a day yet to arrive but clearly waiting to be reckoned with.

To succeed it takes innovative thinking, disruptive and systemic change across the very foundations of economic beliefs that failed to address the root cause of reoccurring systemic problems. The root cause rest in a lack of relationship principles between we the people and those we chose to lead our institutions.  Using social technologies provides us with a voice but can we unite our voices so our politicians listen?

Relationship principles are the basis of beliefs and accountability. Without either we create chaos with no governance or boundaries defined by unified values. Who will set the principles? Who will lead? Without definitions and accountability no one leads. A system without leadership is chaos.

What say you?

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Melvin Goldstein March 26, 2009 at 1:54 pm

When I see the non-linearity in the Economic World as:
Oil down 70% but not demand.
Unemployment 8% but sales down way in excess of 8%.
In Physics a non-linear system is the subject of Chaos Theory – one of “Physics Foibles”.

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