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Dan October 31, 2008 at 11:13 am

I suspect that it’s a sign of the times when people come together as a support system. I was in Mexico during the financial crisis of 1993-1994 when the Peso devalued to 1/4. The social fabric of the community held the country together – people traded social currency in the failure of financial currency. They traded social information – they could smell government propaganda a mile away. The innovation was extraordinary.

I believe that the threshold of “mainstream” for social Media will occur when it can stand alone as an industry without the support of corporations through advertising or other subsidies. Social Media obviously produces something, otherwise people would not be doing it. The transformation will come when that “thing” pegs to a currency.

This state will not be a steady progression from where we are today. Something will shock the existing system. Something will happen, something will get invented, a new paradigm will arise. It’s not here yet. But it’s close, I believe.

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