If The Shoe Fits…..

by Jay Deragon on 10/26/2008

My earlier post titled “Are We Obligated to Respond?” sparked some interesting responses. Besides the comments posted I received emails and phone calls much of which echoed the sentiments of the post with people sharing similar experiences.

However there was one response which I thought was both interesting and revealing. In any given week I am in dialog with people and organizations asking for my perspective relative to all this social stuff. Some inquires come from relationships I have established over the years and some are from new relationship opportunities in development. In either case the principals of the relationship are the same, how can I help you. Sometimes helping people or organizations is telling them the truth but sometimes the truth hurts and isn’t welcome.

In one of the responses to my earlier post a CEO of a firm I was recently having conversations with responded with an offense to my post. His response indicated that he felt like I was publically discussing his behavior and that of his entire firm. He was upset that I would blog about my perceptions of his behavior and inability to respond to issues in a timely fashion. His response came in the form of an email which ended with the following “I am going to cool down, but this really did not sit well with me Jay. As much as I admire your experience and talent, I am not used to being used as a case study of alleged bad behavior. I understand that we seem to live in an anything goes world but it is definitely not consistent with our expectations.

The Irony of This Story

Notice the last statement in the email from the CEO: I understand that we seem to live in an anything goes world but it is definitely not consistent with our expectations. Well I think business leaders better quickly come to grips with the fact that in a world that is inter-connected and inter-related both good and bad behavior is transparent. Another thing, the expectations are no longer dictated by the supplier, the organization rather expectations are established by the basic principles of a relationship and people on the receiving end of communications, actions and decisions have expectations for a response. No response or a very slow response in a world that moves in nano-seconds is not expected rather is a disappointment.

The real irony is that my post was actually a repost from earlier this year and reflected an experience I had with a firm that has subsequently gone out of business. If the CEO had really read the post he could in no way find anything that reflected his firm or our recent conversations with one exception of a slow response to communications.

So if the shoe fits well obviously you should wear it.

What say you?

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Chin Casamayor March 29, 2010 at 8:13 pm

Thanks I really needed this.

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