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Michael Pokocky October 22, 2007 at 12:00 pm

“My View On Creativity”

In the Technological Age it is not enough to use the five senses we have always used. We must develop another sense and call it “clairvoyance” if you will to better understand something that is not scientifically explainable, but is in fact been researched around the world.

Clairvoyance in action on the Internet is the ability to connect with a stream of consciousness that is in essence the source of creativity. It cannot be proven but I ask you to consider the moment just before you are conscious or aware of an insight or Ahh! moment. What happens in that space or place in time just before thought?

Recognizing this moment and being aware of this moment is the “key” to accessing the power of creativity. Artists and writers for centuries have been aware of this and any good biography or autobiography or memoir will in fact show somewhere when the artist explains where his “inspiration” came from one will see as many answers as there are questions regarding the “true” source of creativity.

So to conclude in the connected world of today where a relationship economy is a reality this gift of the sixth sense must be developed and applied if one is to indeed be truly creative.

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