What Does Social Media Apply to?

by Jay Deragon on 10/24/2008

Social Media applies to strategy, learning, understanding and executing, not just marketing.

It appears as though marketers and advertisers are consuming the conversations with methods and madness about social marketing Businesses are responding and buying the marketing hype while ignoring the fundaments of the landscape of human behavior intersecting with social technologies.

An article titled “ A Different Perspective On Social Media Marketing by Joe Marchese states “Doing “social media marketing” right is a different story entirely. The landscape and the consumers have changed, but known and comfortable ways of doing advertising have not (yet). Advertisers are coming from a world of meticulously crafted brand messages being blasted out at people through one-way media like TV, print, or radio — to a world where consumers can tune it all out at the press of a button.”

“But “scale” is not necessarily as important as it once was. Advertisers coming from a world where “reach and frequency” was a success metric need to realize that in this new world “scale is out and impact is in.” In other words, buying billions of impressions online — where click-throughs amount to no more than a “rounding error” and the number of people who recall seeing the ad, let alone remembering the message in the ad, can hardly be measured on a logarithmic scale — is not impactful.”

The article highlights three implications for marketers and advertiser which emphasizes the following proclamations:

1. Be useful.
2. Make a social media commitment.
3. Read and react in real time

Is It More Than Marketing?

Social Media applies to four critical business elements required to succeed in any market. Appling the use of social media and related technologies to the achievement of business results presents a new management paradigm that requires a new mindset. . The four critical components include:

  1. Defining sustainable strategies and related organization initiatives aimed at building sustainable relations
  2. Learning “how to effectively and efficiently” use and apply social technologies to achieve the strategic objectives
  3. Understanding what you need to do to get what you want
  4. Executing “social transformation”, both internally and externally, to achieve what you need to do to get what you want

Social Media Applies to Results

The result of applying the four critical components is quantitative, measurable success that drives your business forward in the Era of Social Computing. You will be surprised at what kind of results you can produce. Surprised pleasantly if you successfully apply the previous components. Surprised by negative results if you don’t.

What say you?

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Michael Cayley October 24, 2008 at 4:02 pm

Jay – I think these 8 slides from my e-book tell a story similar to the diagram above.


Great post.

I am going to learn a lot from this blog.

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