Will You Be Shocked?

by Jay Deragon on 10/20/2008

A business can adopt the use of social media to market the company’s offering but to truly sustain long term success management must change its method. Changing management methods take time but given the state of all this social stuff time is something you can’t afford.

To catch up with the emergence of the relationship economy companies will have to reengineer themselves quickly. Social Media happens at the click of a mouse and transparency as to how good you really are can no longer be covered up my slick marketing messages. A fundamental restructuring of the organizations management methods and even in some case the entire management team may need to be changed. Social Media will and is fueling change in business methods and markets will follow those that match their methods with their social media message.

What Are Marketers Telling Their Clients?

Dave Morgan writes: The conference title was “Don’t Bite Your Tail,” a reference that for agencies to continue to avoid digital today (as many in Mexico do) was tantamount to a dog biting its tail. While my talk was developed with a Mexican ad agency audience in mind, I think that it makes sense to summarize it in my column today, since most of these principles transcend geography and probably apply to many readers here as well. I titled the talk “Time to Embrace Digital: Top 10 Reasons Not to ‘Bite Your Tail.'” Here they are:

1. Digital is where the people are.

2. It’s what your clients want

3. Your clients are going there, with or without you.

4. Your media suppliers are going around you.

5. All media is becoming digital, and television is next.

6. Metrics of success are changing on you.

7. Consumers are taking control — so work with them.

8. Recessions require more measurability and more ROI.

9. It gives you something to talk about with your children.

10. Potential to leapfrog mature markets and do more.

The collective meaning of the ten points Dave raises points to significant changes required to survive in the networked economy. The ten points are spot on however even if marketers agree the daunting task before them is changing the mindset of their clients or their own company. While being tagged as “social media” the underlying dynamics reflect a shift in management methods not only in marketing but in everything a business does.

The word “social” cuts across all relationships: customers, suppliers, employees and entire markets. The underlying technology impacts every operating process for any business, local, global, large and small. While much is being discussed within “marketing communities” the real message needs to reach executive communities. Failure to embrace the shifts created by “social media” may mean you wake up some day only to discover your market has moved, your employees have left and your shareholders want to know what happen. Will you be shocked?

Get it? What say you?

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