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Erin November 21, 2008 at 11:03 am

Speaking of Relationships…check out this article by Robb Thompson:


The Nectar Of A Relationship With You Must Be Sweeter Than The Fragrance Of Its Announcement From You.

As you present yourself to others in the best possible light, you try to show them that you are a particular kind of individual; the closer they get, the sweeter their experience with you must become.

The Power of Relational Nurturing:

All relationships must be nurtured, but this is especially true of new relationships. When you decide that you want to pursue a relationship with a particular person whom you highly respect, you must be ready to invest substantial time, thought, and resources into your pursuit. Anything less than the conspicuous excellence of devoted attention and tireless servanthood, will delegate you to the throngs of other unnoticed people who would love to befriend such a person.

Greenhouse Principle:

The way that a new relationship must be nurtured is very similar to the care and attention that a tiny, new plant must receive, in order to survive, and then thrive. It would be ridiculous to plant a fragile seedling out in the inclement weather among other established plants, and expect it to survive. A new seedling must be brought into the greenhouse and protected, until it is firmly rooted, and strong enough to withstand the storms that it will later need to endure.

Time & Attention:

New relationships need to be handled with the same devotion and attention. The foundation you build in the earliest stages of an association will establish the very nature and future of that relationship. The care and consideration given to an individual at the inception of the relationship will open the door to a strong, deeply rooted bond that will later be able to survive the assault of the most violent storms.

Take Action

• What relationships have you neglected to nurture?

• What is one way you can immediately begin to nurture those closest to you?

• In your own words explain what it means to nurture a relationship… Take five minutes to write down your thoughts & share it with someone who is close to you.


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