Is It 2 World Views?

by Jay Deragon on 11/10/2008

In the recent election we’ve heard a lot about each candidates “world views”. The reference to the term “world view” reflects a person’s view of solutions to problems facing our world.

The same term can also be used to reference the difference in understanding between those entrenched in all this “social stuff” and those that have no idea of its potential.

As I read perspectives about social technology and at the same time listen and engage with those who have not experienced the potential of social technologies there is a clear divide in world views. There is a significant divide in how people view possible solutions to everyday problems both in business and personal efforts to try and make things better.

For those whom have not experienced the potential of social technologies their view is either a reference to past experiences or creative views limited by their physical experience. For those entrenched in all this social stuff their view is a reference to the future possibilities that can be accomplished applying existing and future social technology. The difference in perspectives is significant and the problem is a gap in experience, knowledge and subsequent references to creative possibilities.

How Do You Close The GAP?

Whenever any new technology enters the mainstream there is a chasm between the early adopters and the laggards. The chasm is closed over time as news spreads about the new technology and its possibilities in making things better: improving relationships, reducing business cost, enhancing capabilities and creating innovation that solves old problems. The old world view needs proof before embracing the new. The new world view creates the proof and leads the transformation into the new world. It takes time but today time is short and pressures from all the problems that surround us professionally and personally build daily. The primary and most influence pressure is centered in economic issues. Finances are the fuel which enables people and businesses to pursue possibilities, or at least it used to be until now.

Now we have a shortage of economic fuel so the alternative resolution for creation of economic fuel is innovation and creativity produced by and between people. For those operating in the old world view education will be the critical element that enables further participation in the creation of new economic fuel. For those in the new world view continuous development of creative uses of social technology that makes things better: improving relationships, reducing business cost, enhancing capabilities and creating innovation that solves old problems is the critical element that helps transform the old world view.

The faster we work together to close the current caps between the old and new world view the better we’ll all be. Closing the cap will require cooperation, collaboration and leadership. If we wait for the next generation to implement new world solutions to current old world view problems we may have to lose more than we can afford and the old world solutions may be forced on us all. It is better to build the new world together than let someone, some institution or some global entity force an old world solution onto all of us.

What say you? Are we ready to collaborate, coordinate and lead the transformation? The alternative is to accept old world solutions.

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