Is The Economy Declining or Recovering?

by Jay Deragon on 11/23/2008

In an earlier post titled What Is The Systemic Effect? we said “ The trickle down effects of our economic crisis has no short term solutions and regardless of what deficits the government spends to try and bail it out the outcomes are massive inflation and a devalued dollar.

It isn’t time to panic rather it is time that “we the people” engage and think outside the box, get creative and create a new currency of trade that creates a new economy outside the bounds of the current economy. Otherwise the current trickle down effect will continue to impact everyone, everywhere and the economy will simply fuel itself systemically in a downward spiral towards depression”.

How Systemic Is the Effect?

The IMF’s chief economist has warned that the global financial crisis is set to worsen and that the situation will not improve until 2010.

Olivier Blanchard also warned that the institution does not have the funds to solve every economic problem.

“The worst is yet to come,” Blanchard said in an interview with the Finanz und Wirtschaft newspaper on Saturday, adding that “a lot of time is needed before the situation becomes normal.”

He said economic growth would not kick in until 2010 and it will take another year before the global financial situation became normal again.

The International Monetary Fund on Friday promised to help Latvia deal with its economic crisis after it assisted Iceland, Hungary, Ukraine, Serbia and Pakistan.

But Blanchard said the IMF was not able to solve all financial issues, in particular problems of liquidity.

Withdrawals of capital leading to problems of liquidity “can be so significant that the IMF alone cannot counter them,” he said, adding that massive withdrawals of investments from emerging countries could represent “hundreds of billions of dollars.

“We do not have this money. We never had it,” he said. The IMF had spent a fifth of its 250 billion dollar fund in the last two weeks, Blanchard added. He also urged central banks around the world to cut interest rates, after the Swiss National Bank made a surprise one percentage point rate cut on Thursday.

The central banks “should lower interest rates to as close to zero as possible,” he said.

The economic system has just begun to feel the disruptive nature of a globally connected economy when a leading country (USA) realizes it is in an economic decline with no quick answer or sound solutions. Obama, all of us, buckle your seat belt.
What say you?


Ollie June 10, 2009 at 5:15 pm

Good post. I think it is possible to recover from depression, but it takes time and patience. I can’t find any good message boards on the net, can you recommend any?

Ollie June 10, 2009 at 5:10 pm

Its awful when you’re in that hole with depression, but I believe you can climb out of it, its a long journey but boy is it worth it, as the suffering and the experience in the long term becomes an asset. Would you agree?

JDeragon February 9, 2009 at 10:18 am

Is The Economy Declining or Recovering? What say you?

Mark Harai February 9, 2009 at 10:12 am

RT @JDeragon: Is The Economy Declining or Recovering? What say you? – Problems create opportunities…

Sam Byron November 25, 2008 at 10:19 am

While I don’t foresee immediate economic relief occurring, I do agree that the US needs to think outside the box. The US needs to take a look at what the rest of the world is doing and has done at the height of their economic success.

Obama should look north to Canada to look at its success. Canada’s had a balanced budget for years. There are a number of innovative communities like Edmonton, Toronto and Vancouver. Edmonton’s been named one of the 21 smartest communities too.
Hopefully the economy will get back on track sooner than 2010 though.

NancySophie November 24, 2008 at 10:42 pm

Hi there,

I was just linking on the words “relationship-economy”. This week I get a piece written by the club of Tilburg , The Netherlands. Some economic think-tanker with ideas about the model of measurement BBP with data of happiness and well-being. The so call social – economic or sustainable-economic. Today a friend call me by phone to mention that a Dutch thinker is evaluating the time era of the 60s, the changers of what is. And the start in the later Decca of the bailout of companies and the main purpose of the gold and silver success stream.

The only thing I see over and over again, that from beginning of time we started to have a solvable body and its needs, and the community became larges and diverse. We started fed first eat everything we get our hands on, the second states was when me manages to gain easy food and a lot for long periods, the choice was there. Which taste was better. Now in the we are so far that we are aware what we eat can make us energetic or sick in the short or the long term.

We see the we had the same development with the mind, first of all family was easy to be aware to take Care of one another. But the family became larges and strangers mingle. We had less food or something and we decided not to share with the ones, who weren’t like us, same think patterns and/or body looks. The paradigm started. Now we have the result of that building attitude as the world community lives to day. The mind is the Builder. The idea has manifest!

The missing link in early live and today’s live, is the understanding of the trinity. The Trinity you can find in the old Hermes codes, The Edgar Cayce readings and the text written in the Law of One. And probably also in the Gita and old Jiddisch codes.

Look for the trinity.

You will find that Spirit is the life – That the Mind is the Builder- and that the Physic is the result.

Whatever idea you will come up with, some one else in the world comes with the same ingredients, just another language name for it model.

But you know what, behind the idea and the model result lies a Ideal.

That Ideal is related most of the time on a purpose. And that purpose is related on life it self. Or as you also can say;

Life is Spirit.
So What was and is the purpose of Life? What are the needs in Life to be a happy Spirit?

The answer of this question is been answered many times before we as Spirits came to this realm. Moses did, Plato did, Jesus did, Hermes did, and you did.

Yes you also did, otherwise you weren’t on the Internet as an idea generator, A thinker, writer on quest and many before you.

There will been needed an attitude, a believe that we are wholeness in trinity- Body, mind, Soul- That we are Oneness in the name of I am That I am.

Or try this, think of a personality with good deeds : ” I am That, I am”, How does it feels?
But you know what it is also with a personality with a bad deed.
We are that too! How do that feels when you say the words “I am That, I am!

So whatever -isme we had in the past and creating new -ismes today, there is just one Universal law.


You feel it what I mean with unconditional love

That’s that love story which make you say : “oooh” And you have a good feeling and it makes your eyes wet.
That’s that open smile of a newborn baby, you look at it and hug the newborn baby and say to it : ” Welcome on the planet. What did you bring for us?”

You know what, if we only were Mind and Soul and none body. There wouldn’t be an economic need. Its the body -blood and flesh- that had the needs of the materiality.

The Needs of the Soul/Spirit is: – been usefully – easy going with the flow – pleasure relaxations – adventure- chilling around- the action been good for you and me and all.

The Tools we have are: – creativity- patience- love – willpower- attitude-emoties.

The result shall be: Spirit knowledge’s of infinity – happiness, energetic, healthy body, healthy mind, healthy soul, for always we live the life.

With this in knowledge I listen to the leaders and thinkers of to day. I analyse if they have the knowledge of the trinity of our being.

I heard Obama and his plans for the economic, You know what: “he knows” . Like Plato knew. Like Nostradamus knew. Like Leonardo Da Vince Knew. “You hear its when you can listen”

He isn’t that what Jesus said in the new testament. We don’t need a new -isme. We only have to know our self, love thyself and love it with thy whole heart, mind and Soul. Love thy brether as thy love thyself. Some text you can only feel if you can feel it.

It’s hard to understand this above especially with the perception on a human model of body, mind and productivity in manifesting materially.

Transform your idea on to the Ideal for the Spirit of happiness of mankind. We co-create with our infinite Spirit. Willpower, focus of all Spirits on the Holly Ideal, will create the heaven in the plain.

Enjoy, you are creative, you will find some regard mate, see you later….

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