What Are We Learning?

by Jay Deragon on 11/12/2008

What Are We Learning?Terabytes of information appears daily and is exchanged with hundreds of millions of individuals globally. The collective conversations represent an abundance of information about anything, everything and everyone.

It is from these conversations that we individually and collectively are inspired to learn of a new world fueled by a Relationship Economy where the overriding factor of value is learning.

Many people equate learning with an educational institution of some sort, be it grade school, high school, trade school or college. They usually equate it with spending a portion of their growing years in these institutions learning the basics of human survival, be it reading, writing and arithmetic or basic job skills. It is at these places, for the most part, where they interact with different people, develop interpersonal relationships and acquire a working knowledge of the real world. However, as one would easily attest to by merely looking around, the concept of learning is not simply limited to these learning institutions.

There is much to learn about the emergence of our virtual world. Numerous factors are inter-related and the convergence of global conversations is creating the abundance of information which in turn is defining new knowledge. The new knowledge is currently being maximized by the operators, the media and the technological providers for their own purposes aimed primarily at economic gains.

When the individuals participating begin to learn beyond “how to use” the medium and move to “purpose driven business and personal objectives” the a new shift will begin. The Relationship Economy will be born and emerge faster than the medium which enabled its emergence.

What are you learning? Look what they are learning.

What say you?

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