What Are We Teaching?

by Jay Deragon on 11/13/2008

I wonder what the next generation of business leaders will be like. How about the next generation of teachers. Will academia begin to teach relevant topics to the next generation sitting in classrooms today? If not how will we foster innovation, creativity and economic development?

Why Doesn’t Academia Adopt and Teach Social Media?

Old minsets and ingrain practices are hard to change. It takes leadership and vision to see the future and design a roadmap to get there. Too many people in academia buy into the institutionalized thinking of the past. The learning models, the content and context of what is taught. As social media grows with influence academia will have to change their thinking in order to satisfy the market. The market of student already using social technology. The market of businesses looking for experienced people who know how to use the technology. Academia has two primary customers. Industry and the students being equipped with knowledge aimed at being used by industry.

The Fear of The Entrenched

Entrenched thinking will need to change. University Presidents will need to lead their staff towards the new paradigm which has significant potentail for the users, the businesses and society at large. The students are ready and willing. The institutions have a lot to learn. Watch the video.

What say you?

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Bryan K. O'Rourke November 15, 2008 at 12:46 pm

excellent observations…in the case of large institutions such as those of education, they will not likely change because the institutions are not aligned to the new order. Too many folks still milking the ineffective because the alternative is too painful to embrace – if they even realize it at all.

The convergence of technology, demographics and globalism will drive 6 fundamental waves of change, of which the disappearance of traditional educational institutions will be one:

1. traditional institutions will vanish;
2. there will be a rapid explosion of participation in means and methods to accomplish what old world institutions used to;
3. orchestration strategy will emerge to dominate command and control hierarchy;
4. all modality will move towards complete transparency;
5. wealth will increasingly be equitably distributed; and
6. humanity will experience an evolving and higher consciousness.

In our culture today there are still participating and hanging on to the old because of habit. But economic realities are starting to pressure them to change and let go. However, there is a growing group of people who are choosing the new paradigm, adopting the new methods, removing their kids from a system to set them up for a new order of things. As more people see this working the number of participants will only surge and then the institutions’ value paradigms will no longer be a viable answer to problems they are part of creating.

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