Which Economy Creates More Value?

by Jay Deragon on 11/12/2008

The collaboration of ideas on solving old problems with new thinking is accelerating opportunity to create innovative ways to produce a new currency.  A new currency may be an option to forge a new economy based on relationships, content, attention and innovation on the edge of creative thinking.

When we look at all the conversations about the current economic crisis as well as the proposed solutions we see old thinking being applied to new problems.

It is time to leverage new thinking to new problems otherwise we will get what we’ve always got, the same old thing.

Consider all the discussions concerning our current economic crisis. Consider both the old reactions to new problems then just take a minute and consider new thoughts on how to create a new economy that replaces old models that seem to continuously create the same problems.  Consider those writing and contemplating ways to create new value:

  1. The Attention Economy: How the web is creating new dynamics and practices aimed at leveraging attention into economic value
  2. The Edge Economy: How innovation and collaboration enabled by the web is pushing old thoughts, models and ideas to the edge of creativity
  3. The Content Economy How user produced content is stimulating ideas, creativity and creation of new possibilities
  4. The Knowledge Economy: How the acceleration of knowledge driven by collaborative and social technology is changing the game
  5. The Relationship Economy: Where the intersection of technology and human behavior create a new economy driven by relationships, reach and richesss.
  6. The Innovation Economy: The model for a new economy driven by all five of the economic factors discussed above

Now study the commentary, the ideas, the models and the possibilities and determine whether the new ideas are better than the old ideas. Then imagine if all these minds and all their collective audience could push forward with a collaborative effort to create new value, new currency and a new world for the next generation of net citizens. What could be done? What businesses would prosper?

Based on current economic data, believe it or not, we’re still on the verge of a global economic meltdown and there is little that can be done accept print more money. Printing more money only delays the ultimate conclusion which is the need to drastically change the existing currency. Get it?

What say you?


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Dan November 12, 2008 at 2:03 pm

The common threat to all of the above is the concept of knowledge tangibility. This is the discussion that should lead every story in Social Media right now.

Few people realize that social, creative, and intellectual capital are perfectly suitable assets upon which to peg a currency. In fact, knowledge is a super-asset because it can walk. Condos, contracts, money, even Gold cannot walk – at the end of the day the value of money is supported by you and I – and with social media technology, we can now walk.

The financial crisis may provide just enough disruption to induce the innovation economy, without irreversible damage if we are clever. If Social Media as an industry can prepare itself correctly so that knowledge assets can simulate the role that debt plays in an economy, we can flip the system over so it can become sustainable as an innovation economy rather than a debt economy. Nothing else changes except Wall Street becomes the steward not the master. The ultimate reboot…and nobody sees this coming. It is a very very real opportunity and we need to consider seriously.

For the most excessively over-the-top optimistic prediction of the future currently published anywhere on the web related to the current financial crisis please read:


It’s not impossible

EmilyMedvec November 12, 2008 at 8:40 am

reading #economy @JDeragon http://tinyurl.com/6rewx4 with these options on the table there is #hope

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