Will You Pay for My Jet?

by Jay Deragon on 11/20/2008

This week’s hearing in Washington with the leadership of American auto makers was a PR disaster. Consider this. Hey America, we don’t know exactly how long an additional $25 Billions of bail out money will last but we really need it real soon. Oh yeah, unless you approve this additional $25 Billion then I’ll be forced to sell my Gulfstream jet.

Now when asked by the government how many of the auto industry representatives at the hearings flew into Washington on private jets, all of them raised their hands. Then when asked how many have plans to sell their jets this month, no one raised their hands.

And we wonder why America has lost confidence in the leadership of corporate America. We wonder how our government and major industries could not see the economic crisis coming. Well it is pretty simple when you consider the arrogant attitudes and stupidity of what was witnessed in public display yesterday in Washington. And these were the supposed leaders of one of America’s largest and oldest industries. Go figure.

This was an example of old school thinking which has brought on current economic problems. In order to change the thinking it is likely the thinker needs to be replaced. Why? Because whatever social capital and credibility you had coming into these hearings was totally lost as a result of your actions and words.

Dear Mr. Auto Executive:

Southwest flies into the DC area and they along with the other airlines could use the revenue.  Lets see, a Gulfstream Jet cost roughly $20,000 for the trip to DC.  That represents  a lot of trips on a commercial jet even if you flew first class.  And you expect the american public to support the government giving you another $25 billion to bail you out?  Go figure

Get it? What say you?

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