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Margaret Orem June 20, 2008 at 5:42 am

Numbers versus relationships…always a stimulating discussion. IMHO, numbers are just relationships in waiting,

How about how the numbers (we consumers) are considered? Are we once removed from the company when trying to do business. See this short example below.

Are you filling out “how did we do surveys” for a few corporations which at least make a stab or perhaps more at accepting and considering customer input? Do you distinguish between those which the corporation has online or gives you in person and those which send you to an obvious third party collection and tabulation agent? I do.

Having collected surveys and tabulated myself, to some extent results are purified before clients receive them, just based on the way people enter data or do not enter data.

Does the perception that a company farms out its relationship management make a difference to you? I do not remember which does and which does not, but at the time, it is a negative. Relationships are first – in this case my relationship is with the company – not a third party intermediary.

It is not just numbers; it is attitude, visibility, interaction, and the quality of the transaction however small. A relationship is just a number until the next transaction or interaction with someone else about that relationship.

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