Who Is Your Agent?

by Jay Deragon on 12/31/2008

Advanced technology in the Department of Defense has created what has commonly know as “Autonomous Agents“. Agents are programs or entities that operate with little or no human supervision.

They initiate actions, construct plans, migrate to different locations, and communicate with other agents. Most importantly they can independently respond to events and adjust their behavior accordingly to accomplish goals. Ever wonder how government monitor global activities?

Intelligent autonomous agents can solve several classes of problems. They simplify distributed computing, information retrieval, sorting and classification of data, and handle repetitious tasks for users. As the agent learns more about its user it becomes more useful.

Simplifying Networking Task and Creating Enhanced Value

Imagine having a set of “networking agent tools” on a social networking portal you design. Said tools work for you when you are on line and when you are off line. You set the criteria for which said tools perform work on your behalf.

Unlike common “search engines” these “networking agents” work based on a specific set of criteria you set that relates to your individual or corporate objectives as it relates to finding the right information or the right relations needed to accomplish a specific objective. An objective could be finding the right resource who has the right solution for your specific problem.

In the near future you would simply state a problem using a set of criteria and instantaneously you get specific answers and people who are the experts to solving a problem. You might even get a detailed problem solving applications or defined solution with links to the details of a solution and or an app to load which automates your solution. You will also get a compelte analysis of conversational threads relative to the problem your trying to solve and how others have approached it.

Consider your portal as a catalog of all the social networks from around the globe. Your personal and professional networking portal can be customized and designed to accomplish specific objectives with “smart agents” whether you are on line or not.

If you are thinking about how to use the “hottest thing in the news today” you are thinking in the past. Swarm Intelligence facilitated by smart agents designed into your custom networking portal is the next tsunami of change coming.

These advanced technologies are already available and being used for purposes other than social networking.

Don’t get lost in the hype of the moment or you may miss the future. Think about the future and plan to be there when it arrives.

What say you?

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