A Sea of Change?

by Jay Deragon on 01/20/2009

smclgogtsmallThis new year is ushering in significant change. Today we witness an historic event with the swearing in of Barack Obama who promises change.  Business markets are going through turmoil adjusting to a new economy.  Consumers are watching all these changes wonder what their world will be like in 2009.
One things seems to be clearly evident and that is the impact that social media will continue to have on all aspects of our lives.  Just consider some of the emerging trends which have happen in the past week.  The list of articles below is just a snapshot of what is happening throughout the social web.

Links to the articles are embedded in the titles
  1. Six Elements of a Great LinkedIn Profile

  2. TV, Newspapers Can’t Shortcut Digital, It’s All Or Nothing.

  3. Tapping Twitter’s Viral Nature:

  4. Why Social Media Is Worth Small Business Owners’ Time   Business Week

  5. A User’s Guide to 21st Century Economics… Harvard Business…

  6. How to create a profitable Freemium startup (spreadsheet model included!)……

  7. Using LinkedIn as a Small Business Owner:

  8. US Airways’ Social Media Index Soars :

  9. The blog platforms of choice among the top 100 blogs

  10. What Is The ROI on “Connections”?

As we witness the swearing in of our new President the evidence of change continues.  President Obama has his plate full to say the least.  The issue before him and all of us is whether we will create change that improves our lives, our world and the global economy or will we create change for change sake.

The choice is ours. Embrace the change or get run over by it.

What say you?

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