Can Social Media Align Your Company?

by Jay Deragon on 01/21/2009

loyaltyhouseChris Brogan’s post titled “Aligning Social Media Within Companies” ask readers for comments concerning how companies use social media.  Chris  received 58 responses ( as of this writing) with options and commentary providing a variety of views on the subject matter.  Chris asked a series of questions including

  • Is blogging marketing or PR?
  • Twitter: Where Should It Go?
  • Facebook: Oui ou Non?

The commentary to Chris’s original post was interesting. Much of the dialog was centric to using social media as a tool for PR and Marketing. While there are obvious uses and applied methods to using social media for marketing and PR there is a much bigger purpose to the use of social technology (I am begining to dislike the term social media) in terms of helping companies optimize performance.

I think the title for Chris’s post should have been “Should Your Company Align Itself with Social Media?” which opens a whole new set of variables and related issues to consider. Issues such as the difference between internal and external communications. Optimization of relations with suppliers,  employees, markets and ultimately customers. Improving related processes such as: research, development, HR, sales and marketing, yes PR, accounting, service etc etc.

As we are witnessing across corporate America many organizations are failing (Circuit city as an example) due to the economic shifts but also due to poor management processes, relations and systems of measurement to indicate changes in market behavior. No marketing, PR or social media campaign can save a company whose management system is defunct to begin with. Management systems are run by people, accelerated by communications and perform based on the flow and accuracy of information. Social technology provides the means and the methods to
capture the flow more effectively than ever before. But a company has to have the right culture, the right relations and the right tools to optimize performance even in bad times.

As Kevin Kelly has said numerous times “Communications is the economy” so if a company wants to succeed it needs to focus on never ending improvement of communications.  Marketing and PR are just two of the multiple inter-related processes which influence the success of an organization.  To optimize marketing and PR alone is a huge mistake if the entire organizations processes and culture is not optimized.  Communications drives everything and social technology can help facilitate communications across all departments, all markets and ultimately directly with the one paying the bills, the customer. Get it?

What say you?

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