How Can You Rebuild Your Business?

by Jay Deragon on 01/10/2009

around-the-worldThe word “rebuild” means: 1. to make extensive repairs to : reconstruct 2: to make extensive changes. Given this definition it would be beneficial to identify the critical business elements which need extensive repairs or changes.

Business leaders face many challenges in the years ahead. This article is designed to outline the critical elements which define what the repairs and changes ought to be to insure your business a stronger future.

What Are the Elements Needing Change?

Elements are the fiber of strategic importance that set an organizations agenda and actions. The coming year is sure to see significant change in the economy, in technology, communications and the entire business landscape.

The new business environment is driven by market participation in processes, products and people. Social technology enables businesses with the ability to  effectively reached out to the masses and engage in conversational market developments. The power of using social technologies provides the means to:

  1. Reach people one to one to millions on a personal level
  2. Create a personal affinity with readers, viewers and eager participants
  3. Stir personal interest and identity to a message
  4. Engage people in shaping business message, methods and reach
  5. Facilitate participation and influence beyond anything ever done in history. Create the new history of your business.

Now it is time for business leaders to engage their markets but do so with a message that relates to “we the people” rather than with “they the leaders and spin machines.”  Social technology is emerging as the most powerful human network ever envisioned in the history of mankind. The power will open up new channels of communications and new capabilities for “we the people” to hold our politicians and business leaders accountable. The key word is “accountability” because everything will become more and more transparent for “we the people” to witness exactly what those that lead are doing with our voices and our influence.

The 7 R’s of Change

Here is what business leaders can and should do:

  1. Redefine business and politics as usually. Give the power back to the people rather than the few.
  2. Reinvent the economy: There is a movement to create a new currency which can stir a new economy. It is driven by innovation which fuels new value for business and people. Business leaders must lead this transformation.
  3. Re-engage “we the people” and unite your markets voices: Using advanced social technology business must unite employees, suppliers and customers.
  4. Rebuild with clarity and purpose: Define your values, your purpose and your value proposition but do so with the people who will be doing the rebuilding.
  5. Re-enlist everyone who dares to care enough help your business make the transformation: An aggressive campaign to enlist “we the people” in a movement for dramatic change centered on specific definitions for “what we the people believe, want and desire” from your business.
  6. Reinforce accountability: If any manager from your busienss waivers from what “we the people desire” then reach out and educate them.
  7. Recognize and reward “ we the people”: A movement such as defined by the 7 R’s of change can not be led or accomplished by one individual rather by a swarm of people who dare to care enough to lead your business which emerges as redefined and rebuilt by “we the people” for a value added purpose.

You have the means to reach all 7 R’s. The question is do you have the will to stand behind the message and the means. For existing politicians and business leaders the message will be clear, Lead, Follow or get out of the way.

What say you?

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