Is Social Media 80/20?

by Jay Deragon on 01/09/2009

802011The use of social media continues to grow. Individuals and businesses alike are creating unique ways to use social media to create more value, personally and professionally. This process creates a daily flow of new knowledge and applications which collective create brand new meaning and processes to “connecting people and processes more effectively than ever before.

Social technology explodes daily and each day brings new tools which users try to consume and learn which is beneficial and which is not. Because of the rapid deployment of new technology attention spans jump from one platform to another, to one tool to another, to what one person has to say to another and the more jumping we do the less productive the tools become.

Which Brings The Greatest Value?

Jeremiah Owyang writes New kid on the block will have some challenges regarding Cisco’s Eos team: This doesn’t come without challenges for Cisco’s Eos team, as our research has indicated that community deployments are only 20% technology and the other 80% being process, roles, culture, measurement, and change management, this gives Cisco’s Eos a sharp learning curve, they’ll need to combat this with the success the team from Five Across and Tribe have gleaned over the years. Secondly, any new product is going to be plagued with areas to be tweaked, and some media brands may not want to be the early guinea pigs for such a deployment.

While 20% of the value proposition of social technology lies within the technology the greater influence lies in relational value attributes and processes of the people and company’s that use it to produce something of value. Who truly understands the dynamics and impact of social technology on business relations, marketing, sales, operations etc. etc..?

The problem with finding these answers is the landscape changes daily, the creative models of usage change weekly and the conversations fuels more innovation. Is it a problem or a process? It is a process and how you view it depends on what label you put on it. To view it as a problem indicates a limited view of the potential. To view it as a process provides you with the insights required to create more value than ever before. While creating new value the emergence of creative uses enables us all to produce even more value tomorrow.

To focus on the technology as the primary means of value gains means you miss 80% of the opportunity the technology enables. To extract value from the 80% means your willing to aggressively deal with cultural issues, measurement and the evolving changes which will need to be addresses. Get it?

What say you?

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