What Are 2009 Challenges?

by Jay Deragon on 01/01/2009

wave2009 is rushing in with a Tsunami of change for businesses. Faced with intense demands for change and performance business leaders will have to transform their thinking and their methods in order to survive and prosper during these turbulent times.

10 Mantras for Emerging Leaders in 2009 Posted by Vineet Nayar says Tomorrow became a little distant from today in 2008. With the challenges facing businesses today–versus even six months ago–emerging leaders find little solace in the best practices that have worked so far. So what can help us cope with the challenges ahead? I have put together 10 mantras that might guide us ahead:”

1. Listen to the Cry for Accountability

2. Get into the trenches

3. Get emotional

4. Chase the rainbow

5. From Me to We

6. Nimble feet

7. Keep it Simple

8. Ask the right questions

9. Adapt to the new work order

10. Yes we can

While the 10 mantras highlight the critical elements for leaders to grasp the issue now becomes which leaders are able to not only comprehend but execute on the elements listed in the HBR article by Vineet Nayar. Given the pace of change fueled by social technologies coupled with consumers, employees and the market in general demanding change time is not on the side of those who resist. Change is now only a click of the mouse away from reality.

What say you?

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