How Will Your Company Gain Experience?

by Jay Deragon on 02/04/2009

chartofweek-02-03-091Daily we’re seeing more and more corporation migrating to social technologies for multiple purposes. Then there are those who aren’t even aware that social technologies exist. The difference between those adopting and those not is knowledge and awareness. Knowledge of the related technology and how to use it properly and awareness of the related implications already emerging as a significant shift in human interaction. Howver even those who have some knowledge of social media doesn’t mean they know how to use the knowledge effectively.

“The most significant barrier to social media adoption named by 46% of respondents to a MarketingSherpa survey is “lack of knowledgeable staff” – whether an organization has used social media marketing and PR or not.”

“A danger to the effective adoption of social media as a marketing strategy is the large percentage of those who consider themselves knowledgeable – but have no social media experience.”

“Two-thirds of marketers at organizations that have not used social media marketing or PR said they are “very” or “somewhat” knowledgeable about the subject. Without social media experience, however, this level of knowledge is unlikely. It may be the reason “lack of knowledgeable staff” is seen as the most significant barrier.”

“There is good news, though. Lessons come fast once an organization engages with social media. Until those lessons are learned, though, initial missteps could lead to marketers abandoning the program.”

“A stagnant Facebook group doesn’t mean that ‘social media just isn’t for us’ – it simply suggests that there’s more to learn.”

How Does A Company Gain The Experience?

In order to avoid making grave mistakes using social media businesses need guidance from those who have the experience. The difficulty in truly finding someone with the right experience is that everyone seems to have adopted “social media expert” as their title. The fact is that while there are many who indeed understand the dynamics, the technology and the process many claiming to be experts do not understand nor do they have the experience. The role of “social media experts” will continue to grow but the field of the truly talented and knowledgable will likely always be a small group of individuals.

So the choices for your  business are:

  1. Learn on your own (very time consuming and complex)
  2. Hire someone who thinks they know (check out their perspectives, writing, connections and accomplishments)
  3. Hire an outside strategic partner who has the depth and breadth of resources to jump start you efforts correctly and teach your internal resources how to become their own experts

Which choice is the best choice for your company? Obviously the issue of cost and synergy plays a role in your decision and the variables are all over the place. Just like any new initiative or strategy the decision to engage in social media is a significant one so choose wisely. After all, given the state of the emerging markets, the power of social technology and our economic climate the sooner you decide the better.

What say you? Below is a video of John Chamber, Chairman of Cisco which reflects what he says about social technology and its impact on your business.


How to Get Six Pack Fast April 15, 2009 at 9:19 am

If you ever want to see a reader’s feedback 🙂 , I rate this article for 4/5. Decent info, but I just have to go to that damn google to find the missed pieces. Thank you, anyway!

Luis Suarez February 4, 2009 at 10:46 am

RT @JDeragon: @elsua here is my summary post of the business contraints << Excellent writeup, Jay! Will link to it!

prblogs February 4, 2009 at 8:49 am

RelationshipEcon: How Will Your Company Gain Experience?: In order to avoid making grave mistak..

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