Is Your Business Built On Sand?

by Jay Deragon on 02/07/2009

Some businesses are facing serious relationship problems with customers. Added to these problems is the blogosphere is perpetuating conversations about these problems. The challenge to turn this around is significant.

Some businesses approach these problems with new initiatives. The new initiatives actually can make the problem worse if the root cause of the original problems is not effectively dealt with.

Some businesses let different divisions create their own social media initiatives. Disconnected from other divisions these initiatives can actually create negative brand equity.

When leaders finally become aware of these problems they call for action. The first action usually is “What is the plan to fix these problems?”. So all the silos go off and create a plan then come back together and share their plans. The problem is none of the plans are connected so the results are more cost, more variation and diverse messages to the market. The original problem is now accelerated because the customer “feels and sees” the fallacy of the plans. Then the blogosphere explodes with commentary.

A business built on shifting sand will not stand the force of a storm. The storm is conversations facilitated by the largest copy machine in the universe, the web. A system disconnected perpetuates more variation, more cost and infuriates customers. Unchecked and not corrected the scenario above cannot be covered up by acquisitions or old marketing initiatives. The people know the drill to well and will disenfranchise themselves from your brand.

Get it? What Say You?

The video below reflects what happen within Best Buy when the adopted Social Media Tools. A video worth the time to view.

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